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    23 Dec 2020
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    I've always been fond of sports games, I love the competitive nature when I play my brothers and friends, and I enjoy the realism. At times though, I simply want to lose myself in something that is more arcade focused. Where the serious element of the sport is put to one side, and you get to win matches by pulling off ridiculous winning goals, dunking unbelievable baskets, and completing some never been seen before trick. Therefore I'm a big fan of developers Unfinished Pixel SL. I have previously played and reviewed Super Soccer Blast, so when I saw that they created a tri-sport package, I jumped at the opportunity to play and write about it.

    Super Sports Blast allows the player to take part and become the world's best; Tennis, volleyball, and football (soccer) star. You are tasked with creating your avatar and competing in competitions and a story mode to succeed where others have failed. Each of the three titles are separate entities, but the success is measured across each of the games, and if you want to finish it 100%, you must excel at each element.

    I enjoyed my time with each sport, but naturally I had my favourite order to play; football, tennis and finally volleyball. The latter was great, but I found it much harder to control and perfect than the others. The child in me that wants to be the best at everything, didn't like to have to work for success, so I threw my toys out of the pram many a time when I played and failed at the tournaments and the story mode in the volleyball section. The difficulty that I experienced was a me problem, and you are unlikely to struggle with this at all.

    The tennis game has the most in-depth character design and skill tree. You are asked to take part in a career mode that enables you to earn ranking and skill points. You progress up the leaderboard, and you gradually become an overpowered menace. You end up being better than any sportsman that has ever stepped foot on a court. You become the GOAT of GOAT's. It vastly reduces the difficulty that you will face, but it makes for a very enjoyable time. You smash balls around the court and make your opponents look like they've never picked up a racket. You can increase the gaming difficulty if you find it too easy, but once you master the mechanics, you rarely struggle to win.

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    The football portion was ridiculously overpowered for the human player. You run past the opposition like they don't exist, and you score worldy goals like you are; Pele, Messi, George Best and Ronaldo combined. It made for a ridiculous experience, but it was so enjoyable that I didn't care. Goals are scored from every part of the pitch, and you'll be giddy with delight as you smash a winner from outside the box off the inside of the post. Serious fans of the sport will have to switch off their brains whilst playing as many rules are ignored, and blatant fouls go unpunished most of the time.

    Every part of this trilogy of sports focuses on the absurd, yet fun nature of the games. You must put aside the serious simulation style that EA and other main publishers produce, and enjoy this for what it is. If you come into this expecting a competitive arcade title that doesn't take itself seriously, then you will not be disappointed. Predominantly a single-player game, but if you have a big gaming family, or you somehow escape lockdown restrictions, you can play this locally with up to 4 friends at one time. Tournaments allow for up to 16 teams to be controlled, but I doubt there will be much call for 16 people to be in one house for the foreseeable future. With a lack on online play, it does impact how freely you can take part in tournaments with friends, but this missing feature is represented in the price, and ultimately it doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable experience.

    No matter which of the sports you play, they all use a bird's-eye perspective. All the action that takes place is easy to follow and plays out very smoothly with no issues that I could see. The imagery is bright, colourful, and uses a cartoon style that is reminiscent of SNES arcade sports titles. The finish is highly polished, and especially in the football and tennis games, most of the players use an amusing and accurate caricature of the famous sports people. Official licensing isn't used, but it's obvious who each person was. Each of the sports used a variety of venues to host the games, and each had a unique look and style. This individuality kept the gameplay from getting old and was impressive from what is a small indie title.

    Like with the variety of landscapes and environments, the developers used different soundtracks for each activity. The underlying theme was the same, with upbeat synthesised music being the desired effect. As with most arcade games from the 80s and 90s, the music was not be the most pleasant thing ever, but it worked well with the theme, and helped to keep the adrenaline pumping. The sound effects were good, but not spectacular. I'd say it delivered what I expected to hear and produced a standard indie audio.

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    With 3 different sports to master, there was always a concern that I'd struggle to get to grips with all of them, but there was no need to worry. The controls were well explained, with tutorials to follow to help explain the fundamentals. My only issue was with the timing of the volleyball jumping and spiking, but this will be overcome with practice, and as previously mentioned this is likely to be my issue, and nothing to do with the game at all.

    Like with most sports games, replay value isn't an issue, and that's the same with Super Sports Blast. The desire to win and be the best across all three fields will get under your skin. You will lose hours of your day trying to obtain every trophy and be considered the GOAT of each category. The achievements require you to focus time and effort in specific parts of the game, and achieving the 100% status will require you to master every element. The time that you will sink into completing this, and the desire to keep returning ensures that this is a good value for money game.

    This was always going to be a game that I enjoyed. Luckily, the addition of 2 different sports matched the standard set from my first Unfinished Pixel SL experience. If you decide to bite the bullet, and buy yourself a copy, you'll be adding an enjoyable arcade sports title that doesn't take itself too seriously. Do I recommend that you buy it? Absolutely! Too many sports games require you to lose your life to them, whereas this one allows you a much more casual approach, and one that can be played with friends who want to get involved without having to overthink the matter. Will you excel and be considered the best of all time? Grab your; boots, trainers, and ball and get to work. Being the best doesn't happen by itself.
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    TheIrishBeastGood review. I had hoped it was create one man and go through all 3 sports. Not the same already released 3 games again with a new achievement list.
    Posted by TheIrishBeast on 10 Jan at 09:51
    AlertCat WeaselI hadn't played the tennis or volleyball previously, so I was lucky that these were fresh experiences for me. A one character through all three disciplines would have been good
    Posted by AlertCat Weasel on 11 Jan at 07:28