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Posted on 01 August 19 at 17:48
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Super Star Blast is a space themed shoot 'em up published and developed by EntwicklerX and will be available August 2nd. I enjoyed the few songs the game had and the first few hours of playing. Although the game did become rather repetitive very quick.
You start off the game with two options "single player" or "multiplayer". The multiplayer is unfortunately local co-op only, but supports up to four people where you can play through the single player or do battles. So once you choose single player it puts you straight into the game, no tutorial or anything. This is a shoot 'em up, but not what you're used to playing. Most shoot 'em ups I've played you can move in all directions as the level is moving towards you along with the enemies. This game is different instead your movement almost acts as the camera and you travel around a globe in a way. Meaning if there is an enemy in front of you and you turned around you could end up behind that enemy now.
Another aspect that is different is the middle of your screen around your ship will be a bunch of green dots, this is the enemies that are in the level. Which to complete the level all enemies must be dead. In my opinion though there aren't enough enemies in the game. There are only three main types of enemies. Ones that fly at you shooting or shoot you as they are fleeing. Then there are several different versions of ships that are on floating platforms and they can't move forward or backwards or anything, but they spin in circles shooting randomly or some with focus directly on you with good accuracy. Then the most annoying enemies in my opinion are the ones that shoot out little darts or missiles and one hit they kill you, these are probably the toughest ships since you have to dodge and kill the darts while trying to kill the ship.

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Finally another big difference between this game and a lot of others is that most if not every shoot 'em up I've played there are stages or a world of some sorts. In this game you just continue playing level after level. Each one supposed to be getting harder, but honestly when you get upgrades it doesn't seem too much harder. You will however die plenty of times in the earlier stages while trying to save up points to buy upgrades. I also don't know if there is an end or not, I played all the way up to level 200 and nothing seemed to really change,still the same ships, same area, and pretty much the same ship spawn layouts.
Then for the combat and leveling, which is very simple. You press RT to shoot and move the analog stick to move your ship that's it. There aren't any power-ups you get or anything to worry about. For the leveling there are three main categories agility, power, and shields. All of these when upgrading are permanent and each upgrade cost more each one you do for a total of five levels. Or if you want or need to you can purchase an extra ship which just allows you to take one extra hit. This is the same thing a shield does so I would recommend just saving up your points and getting the shield upgrade. Since with the extra ship you buy if you get hit it's gone for good, you have to buy it again. For the power upgrade it just changes the fire rate and amount of bullets that you fire, which makes it so much easier. Upgrade this and shields first and you will be fine throughout the game. Since the last upgrade is agility which just makes you move around faster. This seems great because you do move around really slow, but still nowhere near as good as the power and shield upgrades.

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Thea achievements in Super Star Blast are very easy to complete. I was the 3rd person to complete it and it will take roughly five hours to finish, longer if you keep buying extra ships though. You will unlock all of them by just playing the game normally. As there are some for deaths, completing certain levels, and upgrading everything to max.

I did enjoy the game for the most part, It's good to try something new instead of the same type of game every time. The music was good and I liked the art style of the game, I just wish there were more of both. The game became repetitive too quick for me after 200 levels it all just seemed the exact same over and over with no need to continue playing. I also can't find the pricing for Xbox anywhere, but it is $4.99 on steam. If this is the same price for Xbox I do think it's good enough for that price for sure though.

I received the product for free to review. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions in this review are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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