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Hazar Khall
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Hazar Khall
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Posted on 01 May 19 at 17:46, Edited on 02 May 19 at 10:01
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The first game to truly come close to Avatar : The Burning Earth's record of fastest 1000gs that xbox 360 & 1 had to offer.
A game that is truly simple in design, execution and overall feel and appeal.
A game published by Ratalaika games.

I'm talking, of course, about Super Weekend Mode. Hello, and welcome to my review.
This game, regardless of if you go in for the 100% OR the game play itself, is incredibly short, with even the harder difficulties only proving somewhat more challenging than easy.

The game itself has been the topic of heated debate off and on since its release.
What is gamerscore worth anymore?
Is this a game worth being on your gamecard? Even as an assured completion?
Is it even any fun? Was it worth the time?
These, and many questions new and old, have circled this game since its release. Without any delay, lets dive into the what, and the WHY, of the game Super Weekend Mode.

The game is like an arcade box shoot 'em up. Somewhat a mix to Brick Breaker and Galaga, though otherwise hard to describe (for me, at least)
The games atmosphere, design and overall feel makes it obvious this game was designed with kids in mind. Special mention to the "collecting hearts" mechanic.

The player is in control of two "paddles" at the bottom of the screen, controlled by the bumpers, l/l and r/r. The strength of your paddles, health, and available upgrades come in the form of "princesses", or who you choose to "play as" at the start.

Again, falling hearts need to be collected, skulls avoided, and falling "bunnies" need to be squashed by hitting them with the sides of the paddles. Enemies need to be shot in between all this, and a boss, constantly present in the middle of the screen, needs to be shot, the round ending when the boss is defeated.
The controls are responsive enough to these needs, though I will mention at times I would take damage when hitting said bunnies, and I'm unsure of exactly what was different from the other dozen or so times I had to do it.

While the game has its frustrating moments, it isn't too hard, though its hardly a memorable experience. For full disclosure, I made it about 3 levels past all the achievements before I died and really felt no desire to continue.

The game has the pixelated/8 bit feel of an old Atari or commedore 64, Dreamcast or heck, even gameboy came out with things like this. The game has an accompanying 8 bit soundtrack.

There isn't too much here that is otherwise noteworthy, however. Even as a nice intro to the past, your attention won't be on what it looks like for long, and those uninterested in its soundtrack will most likely mute it as the sounds aren't important to gameplay.

This game isn't actually too challenging.

If the goal is to complete it, rest assured even those that could struggle could "beat" this in 5 minutes or less.
If the goal is to progress and enjoy the game itself, then they may rest assured the game only progressively gets more difficult. Once the mechanics are down, and your timing is sound, you won't need to worry about too many "cheap deaths" especially if played on easy.

The games redeeming qualities are its easily accessible to players of all skills, relatively cheap even compared to games on sale, and offers a very, VERY fast 100% completion.

However, unless you enjoy the nostalgia factor, you won't really enjoy either the music or the graphics.
Unless you are actively looking for a 100%, or even just a simple game in between bigger, harder titles, you won't have much fun playing it.
Lastly, with no real story or goal besides arcade shooter, chances are once you put this game down, its coming off your hard drive. The game looks to have replay value in mind with its different choice if "characters", but the appeal doesn't exist.
Even putting forth the kid focused aspect of it, the game play itself would still lose its appeal even if, say, the graphics were more skulls and explosions, or puppies and rainbows.

Because of all of this, the game has to get a rating of 1.5 stars.
I myself don't see myself ever loading it back up, it simply wasn't engaging enough. This is one of those games published by Ratalaika that makes people question if gamerscore and achievements are seen as a sellable product to the right consumer, or if some producers simply tack achievements to games without a second thought.
I personally don't regret the experience, especially at the price of just a small coffee and a bagel, but its hard to say I enjoyed it.
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