Super Wiloo Demake Reviews

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    15 Aug 2019 15 Aug 2019
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    Well, Ratalaika did it, guys. LightUP too, as they developed it, but still;
    They released an easy game, with an easy mode, with as close to a god mode feature as you can get without just HANDING you the 1000gs.

    Hello, and welcome to my review.
    Super Wiloo Demake (And here I was, unaware there was a SW TO demake) is a game like Super Mario Brothers, only way more forgiving, waaay shorter, and with... costumes... that grant special abilities? Well, that's new.

    How does the game hold up to games such as Celeste or SMB, whats the game like, is it worth the 5$ Ratalaika tag, and I did mention god mode, yes? Lets read on and see whats up.

    A pixelated, side scrolling platformer, with an incredibly simple premise.

    "Wiloo and Agatha need to rescue their dog from the clutches of Dr.ETvaldo! "

    This is the story presented by the makers of the game. It's slightly amusing, but ultimately, that's it. This SMB clone goes from "your princess is in another castle" that we were used to previously, to "your dog is in another location".
    Otherwise, that's it. It in no way, shape, or form breaks any molds.

    This *is* a side scrolling platformer, and the controls remain much the same as any other you'd try. Sticks to move, A to jump, though as mentioned above, this game has costumes in the form of item pickups;
    Unicorn : Shoots a horn at enemies with X.
    Armadillo : Rolls into enemies with X.
    BEE : Extra jumps with A, INFINITE jumps/fly on easy move.

    While I can see them trying to spice things up a bit, I can tell you right now, Bee is broken.
    I can also tell you, that if you die on easy 3-4 times in a row, your respawns on that map give you the bee suit. This lets you bypass most parts of most levels with relative ease.
    This does, however, make the qualification for a god mode, as infinite lives and flying honestly just break the game, like ID codes in Stardew or the duplication glitch in Oblivion, you put the game at 1.5/10 difficulty.

    You collect coins, beat bosses, go through worlds (1-3, 2-5, sound familiar?) and stomp/shoot/roll into bad guys recolored... squares.
    Don't be square, kids.

    There is a mini game that revolves around a memory card game, where you match 2 icons of matching cards. These levels are skipable, and honestly past the first for an achievement, are not worth the 50 coins you get should you complete it.

    Otherwise, the game features short levels, a lack of secret areas, and incredibly simple bosses. For full disclosure, this game was pretty lack luster so I didn't make it far past the 20 required levels.
    Its incredibly obvious, like Devious Dungeon to Rogue Legacy before it, WRD is an entry level game into a genre, meant to give kids a taste of what the game types are like...
    ... or to give adults easy gamerscore. Its honestly still up for debate.

    The graphics are pixelated in nature, pretty simple and rather non-ground breaking.

    The sounds and soundtrack are much like you would find in games like Celeste or SMB, a little more bubbly though, fitting in with the carefree nature the game tries to give off.

    Honestly, with how the game should take about an hour, there isn't much else to add, nothing about either of these points will really stick with you.

    You will look at a solid 2, and an hour long grind, if you take up this challenge.
    The bee suit really, really just easy modes the game. You EVER run into a spot you are stuck, you die 3-4 times, boom, you "fly" as a bee.
    I can't stress how this enough, you may as well have had the exit level three feet away on some levels, if you choose to use the suit.

    This game was obviously geared towards either kids, or those looking for a VERY easy game. It is easier then Sigi a fart for Melusina if that says anything.
    It has a few bells and whistles not attached to other side scrolling platformers, and it has a very, very easy 1000gs. The bosses are really easy, the "grinds" really aren't that bad, and the very forgiving nature of the game takes away from much of the frustration you might otherwise have.

    That aside, the game itself isn't anything new and its hardly exciting. The lack of variety presented, at least in how far I took the game mind you, the unchallenging nature of the gameplay, and the extra fluff added just to pad the game (long stretches of nothing but a few coins, areas PACKED with enemies in otherwise pretty bare levels) took away from the experience.

    While the game offers a very easy, and fast (it CAN'T take you 1.5-2 hours. It just CAN'T) 1000gs, it offers little to no replay value. It offers no score value past the initial push, and while its repetitive nature is to be expected, there's just no incentive to cheevo hunters to keep playing, and to NON cheevo hunters, there are just games of far better quality. Celeste, for example. Dust, if you want to add actual combat.

    As such this game gets 2.5 stars. The score would be lower if the gs was harder to get, the game was any more more of a grind, or it came with any noticeable problems, glitches, or save corruption issues (which in an hour long 100% isn't a concern anyways.)
    The major redeeming factor is the ease kids could play it at, and again the 100%.

    I won't be replaying this in the future, I can't see others doing it either, and once it comes off the hard drive, its curtains.