• Mr VelezbianMr Velezbian327,075
    03 May 2016
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    Cool is an understatement when it comes to SUPERHOT. The concept sounds simple enough. Shoot some red guys into tiny, shattered pieces. The kicker is that time only moves when you move, making strategy, timing, and finesse all key factors in the core of the gameplay. When I first booted up SUPERHOT, I thought “Well this is cool.” As I progressed, the thought changed to “really cool.” After chaining attacks, snatching guns, and blasting away bad guys for hours and hours, all I can say is this game is REALLY f*cking cool. The title is without a doubt one of the most insanely satisfying concepts I have seen come out of a first person shooter in the recent years, and is packed with options worth replaying.

    As I mentioned before, time only moves when you do. Transitioning to this style of movement and planning can be difficult at first when many are used to the fast paced offerings of Call of Duty and other big names in the genre. After getting your mind around it, it is an absolute blast to play. It is extremely rewarding to play through a level with a certain flow, nailing shots to perfection. Fans of Hotline Miami will resonate with the feel of the game, as it almost plays like a first person version of it. As you play the short but oh so sweet “story” mode, you’ll dodge bullets and return plenty of your own in various satisfying ways.

    Looking in from outside, SUPERHOT is an oddity to watch, one that truly needs to be played to fully be understood. You can literally walk past a bullet and get closer to your target. If unarmed and you happen to time it right, you can pull off a chain attack where you melee the enemy, grab their weapon straight out of the air, and turn said weapon on them. It rocks to do this, and when the level comes to a close you can see all your movements in full speed. You can even HOTSWITCH, which lets you transfer bodies with an enemy. This is great for getting out of tight situations, as well as getting an easy “kill.” SUPERHOT is oddly strategic, making it even more challenging in the long-run.

    SUPERHOT is kind of an out of body experience. The story see’s you, the player, playing an illegally cracked game called SUPERHOT. In what is an apparent virtual reality experience, you the player gets sucked into SUPERHOT beyond your control. It’s hard to explain, but it speaks to the nature of and evident future of gaming in some ways, with the newly developed realm of VR just now starting to flourish. You come to realize that you have no choice but to play SUPERHOT, and that something or someone is watching, controlling, and taunting you. While the narrative is not weak by any means, it could have used a little more substance, but what I experience with my time in the game has me hopeful for a sequel down the line. In the meantime, the title packs plenty to do when the story is all said and done.

    Featuring both an endless mode and challenging mode in addition to the story, there is a lot of bang for your buck. Endless mode reimagines and revisits multiple levels from the base game and lets you fight endless waves of red guys until you are killed off. The game truly shines here, because it becomes an obsessive objective to not only master your skills but also to beat your previous scores. With three different guns and a variety of throwables/melee objects, there is a lot of ways these matches can play out. In the challenge mode, you basically replay all of the combat levels from the base story with different variations in place. The first challenge sees the player only able to use a katana as their weapon, nothing else. You get a speed bonus, which changes the dynamic of how you will play. Other challenges, like the SPEEDRUN challenge, has you racing against the clock which will test your skills to the fullest. There are a handful of maps in the endless mode which feature their own variations as well, making SUPERHOT jam packed with post-story play.

    I love this game, there is no other way to put it. It bleeds awesome, I mean I sliced a freaking bullet in half before throwing my katana at the shooter. It does not get much cooler than that. The story is totally up to interpretation, but really resonated as an out of body experience that I have not seen in many other games. I just want to keep playing, which is ironic because that is almost verbatim to what your character is forced to say in game. SUPERHOT just works extremely well, and is such a dynamic concept that others need to experience. The team behind SUPERHOT deserves high praise for bringing this self-aware, ultra-cool shooter to the masses.

    +Ultra-cool Concept
    +Lots of options
    -Story and Concept may feel obscure to some
  • Paper21Paper21353,127
    08 May 2016 08 May 2016
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    The Crown Jewel Of ID@Xbox Thus Far

    Make no mistake about it: ID@XBOX has by and large been a mixed bag. From questionable releases that have no chance of selling on the platform to not pursuing games like Hello Games' No Man's Sky (which is looking like the next big thing), ID@Xbox has not lived up to what it should be. It should be about fostering incredible indie experiences but instead we are getting levels of garbage slightly above the App Store. To hope that SUPERHOT might change that might not be so foolish. This is the best FPS I've played in years.

    You are an unknown character blasting through levels of "red guys", killing them anyway you can. The hook? The game only moves when you do. This mechanic creates the freshest gameplay experience I can remember in some time. At $25, it may be a bit expensive for some people, particularly if all you care about is the main game as it will only last you 2 or so hours. However, SUPERHOT is so much more than this. Upon completing the main levels, you unlock three other modes that extend the game tenfold. Achievements will keep you busy for a while and it's an enjoyable list to check off.

    To conclude, SUPERHOT is the best FPS I've played in quite some time. Its gameplay mechanic of only moving when you do is fresh and fun and it's a title that will keep dedicated players busy for a while.
  • XTRA 2kofawsomeXTRA 2kofawsome120,294
    28 Dec 2017
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    I was deep in the woods 6 days into an 8 day outing when video games came into the discussion around the campfire. I talked about how Quantum Break looked cool and I liked the idea of manipulating time in a game (I still have not played Quantum Break, it is sitting in front of me as I write this). My friend told me about a new game he tried, the "most innovative shooter he has played in years". He told me that the game is amazing and when I pressed for details about it, he told me just to play and see.

    I went home after the trip and forgot about SUPERHOT. Until late one night for no apparent reason, I remembered. I went downstairs to me Xbox and bought the game right away. If this friend who barely plays video games raved about a game, it must be exceptional.

    The game did not disappoint. The story line was amazing and kept me interested the whole way through. The graphics are crisp and refined, there are no bells and whistles. Just what is needed to focus on what is important, killing red dudes. The gameplay was insanely fun, a mix of strategy, precision and quick reflexes. There is no shortage of gameplay. After completing the base game there are challenges (redoing the base game with fun, unique or difficult modifiers), an endless mode with numerous maps, artwork, weird animations even a small mini game similar to the “Lumberjack game” for android. These small details really showed how much time was put into this game.

    I found out later that my friend only told me to get the game as a joke (the reason for this joke will become clear after you complete the game), but I don't regret it for a minute. The only things I am upset about is that there are no DLCs and that I don't own a VR headset for SUPERHOT VR (Win 10) Achievements. Needless to say I DO recomend this game.

    (My first review, made partly just to see how making a review works)