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Posted on 25 November 08 at 06:22
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While I haven't had too much success enjoying Movie Tie in games, here is another one. A few websites list this game as a sandbox game, it definitely not like Grand Theft Auto or even Crackdown. It feels more like an RPG game where you have a main story line and side quests to progress. There might be a little spoiler but I will try my best.

While this has the same name as the movie, the game and the movie share very little in the storyline. The game itself is short to complete the main storyline. You get to face a half dozen or so villains in the Superman Universe. The side quests and achievements extend the life of the game but not by much and is very annoying.

Game play:
The first few mission you learn how to use Superman's super powers. The usual flying, running and punching, also you get to perform combo moves to deal extra damage. You can interact with most of the items and people in Metropolis, this can actually be more harmful because it part of the city's health that you have to maintain.

The game is third person. The graphics are ok at best and with the big city like Metropolis the interactive scenery just gets repetitive.

Sound and Music:
Little sound bits of Superman can be heard from time to time but most of the speech comes from cut scenes. The music doesn't have the feel like the movies where you have a large orchestral score.

This is a very easy game. If "Superman" is defeated you just continue where you left off. Once you lean each villain's weakness you will defeat them with ease. You can most likely finish the game in one day.

Final Thoughts:
This game is a rental game. While you can find this in most bargain bins. You rarely find a good movie tie in game and this game proves that. While it did have a good starting point, I feel the programmers didn't execute it properly and was rushed out the door.
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Kid Icarus
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Kid Icarus
Posted on 01 July 10 at 22:19
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As this is the first review I am submitting to TA, I feel it is necessary to establish the fact that the main reason that I am writing this game's review is atone for the fact that I completed it...

Overview: Being a movie based game aptly named Superman Returns, the game starts off by letting you know that Superman has been in absence for about 5 years. You arrive and Metropolis is surprisingly being hailed apon by meteors and that is where the descent begins. You then proceed to be pressured into a massive amount of fights varying from 4 - 15 enemies against a plethora of about 14 different types of baddies in the game. The game gets very redundant and causes you to lose interest easily. The few boss fights that are in it are very easy given the fact that once you are defeated, you can simply get back up by mashing the Y button until you are back to health, also sporting one of, if not the most absolutely uninventive and lame final boss fight in history. The game allows cheats which is somewhat of a plus because during most of the fights, you easily do more damage to the surroundings than 95% of the enemies you are fighting, so this takes a bit of the pressure off. The achievements in this game are frustrating if only for the fact that you will be trying to do them separate the main story. The 3 most frustrating have you picking up buildings(in Warworld if you are savvy) which takes about 2 hours, taping your controller so that you can fly in circles for about 10 hours and hunting for kittens which takes about 2. The music in this game is uneventful and picks up when you least want it, adding to the fact that most of the time, you will be flying at high speed hearing the sound of a supersonic whoosh constantly. The graphics aren't stunning but they aren't as bad as some of the movie tie-in games I've played. The game has very little to do with the movie so I would consider it non-canon, but the game is easy enough that you could beat it in under 2 hours.

Final Ratings
Difficulty: 1
Sound: 2
Gameplay: 2
Overall: 2
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