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Posted on 12 June 19 at 10:41
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What do you get if you combine a man, a goat and a shopping trolley?

Super Market Shriek

Move and steer your shopping trolley using only the triggers on your controller (or trigger if playing co-op) to make the man and the goat scream thus allowing you to move around the different levels in story mode entering various shops in order to earn stars by completing obstacle courses, collecting items, smashing tins of beans and more.

There is also an 8-player party mode as well as a driving test.

While not the first kart racer by any means this game has clearly had a lot of thought put into its design and a good amount of humour has been applied. Starting off a little bit too easy it soon puts up a challenge that will keep you playing (which you will most likely want to as it gets very addictive) and with leader boards and secrets to find even when you have nailed all of the shops there is still reason to come back for one more go.

In summary a genuinely fun and enjoyable game worthy of your attention.
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