1. Supreme Commander 2 Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the Supreme Commander 2 walkthrough. The following pages will outline some general tips to improve your skills beyond what the tutorial teaches you as well as give you a run-down of the three campaigns. The walkthrough will finish with a section on cleaning up the skirmish and multiplayer achievements.

Tutorial and campaigns

After you finish the tutorial, you will need one playthrough on hard to finish all campaigns and probably a replay (on easy) of some missions to get some stray achievements but that depends on how well you did the first time round. There are 18 campaign missions in total - 6 for each faction - and the game isn't terribly long with the right strategy and mindset.

Thereafter you might need to replay three missions on easy to get three remaining campaign achievements out of the way. I'd recommend not trying most of these on hard as the results can be very frustrating.

Skirmish and online multiplayer

After the campaigns are done with you will need to play quite a few skirmish battles and a few online matches for a total of 24 hours. As most of the skirmish based achievements can also be done with a friend, feel free to either go against the AI or ask a friend / boost buddy to get those with you. It is up to you if you'd rather boost or get this by yourself. However, some online achievements are better boosted but since you will need to play 24 hours in multiplayer for an achievement, the choice is yours on how to approach these achievements best. This walkthrough will give you what I believe to be the most time-effective strategy.

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