Supreme Commander (EU) Reviews

  • XenvalXenval296,498
    23 May 2011
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    Supreme Commander is a fantastic strategy game that does not have the same restrictions as some other strategy games, such as Command and Conquer.

    There is no limit on the amount of structures or units in which you can create, the maps are very expansive and the ability to play as three different factions which each have their own important part to play gives the game some variety. Supreme Commander was also hailed for being one of the few strategy games which allow you to construct giant units' of great destruction, in this game dubbed 'Experimental Units', these range from nuclear equipped colossal submarines to gigantic flying fortress's.

    Graphically it is not as eye-catching unlike some of the newer games but considering Supreme Commander was released in 2007 for the PC, they aren't that bad.

    A definate must have for any strategy loving gamers!
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    Scoochi2A small note is that if you have a large profile the game will tend to crash whenever you complete a mission. That's any mission that requires saving your profile. So all campaign missions, all skirmish missions and all multiplayer missions. Not sure of the exact number but for all achievements you're looking at around 150-200 missions (AKA console reboots). And I'm not 100% certain it saves all your progress because I don't have achievements I should have.
    Posted by Scoochi2 on 29 May 11 at 22:17
    Scoochi2And there IS a unit limit. In fact, each unit and building counts as 1. Not sure how high it is, but during the campaigns I was frequently unable to build new buildings or construct new units. I found myself having to destroy my own walls in order to build long range cannons or Experimental Units.
    In skirmish or multiplayer games, you (or the host) can choose the unit cap, with a minimum cap of 250 per player. And it tells you your current count, unlike in the campaign.
    Posted by Scoochi2 on 17 Jun 11 at 23:52
  • B Rox TonesB Rox Tones82,390
    20 May 2013
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    This game is good and largely I agree with the first review, however what that first review fails to mention is the bug that crashes the game all the time. Also the campaign is unfinishable due to this bug and the game company knew this bug existed a year into its release and still kept selling it even though they have no intention of fixing it. The bug is once your game data reaches a curtain limit, (I think it's 10mg) the game will crash and black screen rendering all campaigns unfinishable. that's the website I sourced my information.