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Posted on 03 May 09 at 00:31
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I really enjoy playing this game, but there are so many bugs, glitches and freezing problems that really drag it down.

There can be an amazing amount of units on the map, so the less than stellar frame rate I can live with, but the constant freezing is unacceptable. Microsoft should never have allowed this game to be released in this state.

The game freezes after you save (90% of the time) and even if it does not freeze right away it will probably do so in the next 10 minutes so you might as well restart your console anyway.

You can try playing a mission without saving but some of them take hours, and it can still freeze for no reason.

Multiplayer seems to be the most stable, and it only freezes after a game about 1/4 of the time after you finish a skirmish.

There are a lot of other minor glitches and annoyances that should also have been fixed before release (or at least with a patch), but they aren't as annoying as the freezing problem

Unless you really like strategy games and can live with having to restart your console constantly, I would recommend that you avoid this game unless it gets patched.
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Typh3r J
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Typh3r J
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Posted on 16 February 10 at 23:27, Edited on 16 February 10 at 23:30
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This game is amazing! I was extremely impressed by Halo Wars and once Halo Wars came out last year, I found a new appreciation for the realtime strategy games. My cousin gave me a bunch of random games to borrow last summer and this was one of them and after playing Halo Wars so much up until that point, I was BLOWN AWAY when I played Supreme Commander! Yes there are problems with the game freezing up but I had only ever experienced that between missions during the loading screen. The freezing can be tolerated as long as one remembers to save constantly so as to not lose much game progress, I must admit that I have forgotten to save multiple times when it froze up but other than that, it's great! Great story, Great gameplay, great controls, great graphics, great everything! I didn't spend too much time doing multiplayer so I can't comment too much on that but all around this game is great and it's only one month to the day from the release of Supreme Commander 2 which I plan to buy!
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