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    03 Aug 2009
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    Surf’s Up Review
    A few things you can count on with Movie Tie in games. They are usually cheaper, short and the achievements are easy. Surf’s Up is no different and especially it’s a tie in to a children’s animated movie, it would appeal to a younger audience. Finishing was fun and enjoyable to even review this game.

    Game Play. 8/10
    The game starts you off as one of the surfers with the object of passing levels to unlock surfers and surf boards. The courses are slightly challenging. Completing them are not that hard just requires a few attempts at the collectables and the high scores. The game play is basically the same for all the courses with a few jumps and special moves. The combo move system is easy to learn and fun to watch, with each surfer having unique moves. Each series of courses completed unlocks more locales with more challenging courses. There are no online multi-player options but there is some timed courses to challenge friends.

    Graphics 6/10
    The work on the graphics makes the game resemble the movie. The better graphics seemed to be placed on the surfers and their immediate surroundings. The side graphics and the distant background do not help with the depth perspective. The different locales make each setting fun and entertaining.

    Sound and Music 6/10
    The announcers are decent with their play by play but can rather get repetitious playing the game. Some of the sounds are quite humorous especially when failing a combo or hitting rocks. The music is not too intrusive and blends into the game seamlessly.

    There are no difficulty setting which would have been good as the game was way too easy to complete. The courses are easy to learn, the patterns do not change from game to game and makes it very easy to learn how to complete them without any mistakes.

    360 Achievements
    There are no glitched achievements for this game. The most of the achievements are simple and can be attained by just completing the main campaign. The rest just require a few tries and all the achievements can be yours in between five and seven hours. With no online achievements just makes attaining 1000 very easy.

    Everyone has to remember that is game is intended for a younger gamer in mind. The game is easy and just the right length to keep their short attention span. This game is priced relatively cheap for game and achievement collectors making it a great valued buy or rental. The length and style of the game gives it very little replay value.
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    Straight Blazenyeah well done
    Posted by Straight Blazen On 07 Aug 09 at 17:05
    Posted by kingrich06 On 07 Aug 09 at 17:35
    The Manic MooseThis took me 3 hours. Definitely recommend it.
    Posted by The Manic Moose On 16 Feb 13 at 23:09
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    Most movie tie in games, especially the ones that are based on animated movies can be rather frustrating but there are a dew diamonds in the ruff. What is different about Surf's Up from the majority is that it is strickly a xtreme sports title. Even though it is a different genre of game the question is about the quality, is it just another attempt at making a quick dollar or is the quality really there.

    There is not much of a story to be found here though there quick cut scenes before you start each group of levels. There are about a dozen different levels to choose from, with each getting progressively harder but the task is always the same. For each level you need to gain a certain amount of points and go through a certain amount of gates.

    For the most part you will end up doing the same tricks over and over until you fill up your adrenaline bar and than you can do special tricks. On a few levels there will be pipelines, the cool thing about them is that you get to automatically use special moves but the downfall is that it is the same one over and over. There is an extra mode where you are leaf sliding through a course. You are trying to get to the finish line in a certain amount of time, nothing to hard but you'll have to play it a few times to get the timing right.

    There are plenty of unlockables throughout the game ranging from more playable surfers and new boards and colors. I personally do not notice much difference from one to the next but they each have their own stats.

    The game is very easy, I do not play much xtreme sports games and I was able to collect everything in about 7 hours. The learning curve is almost none existant. The only thing difficult in this game is finding all of the collectables but there are plenty of guides online to help with that. Speaking of collectables there are 100 total spanning a total of 14 levels.

    The achievement in this game are very easy, I would say it is one of the easiest games Ive played. You may have to play each level several times to get everything but with each level taking maybe five minutes it really is not to bad. Some of the collectables are difficult but once you know where they all are located they are not to bad. It took me about seven hours to get the full 1000.

    At the end of the day Surf's Up is better than most animated tie in games. The controls are easy to get use to and the moves are simple to use. Having so many collectables is usually a turn off for me but having less than 10 per level did not seem to bad. It would had been nice if there were more added cut scenes are a variety of gameplay. The moves list is bare bones here and there is no replay value to speak of. All things considered it is perfect for people wanting quick achievments or for kids, which is the target audience. I am going to give it three stars becuase it successfully does what it intends to do.