Surviving MarsBelow and Beyond

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Below and Beyond

Below and Beyond Achievements

The Below and Beyond Add-on for Surviving Mars has 9 achievements worth 210 gamerscore.

  • Mission Success

    Successfully return from an asteroid

  • Multitasking

    Visit 3 asteroids simultaneously

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  • Mysteries of Mars

    Fully develop a buried wonder to benefit your colony

  • Space Explorer

    Complete all techs in the recon & expansion tech tree

  • Job’s done

    Fully develop all buried wonders in the underground, before sol 100

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  • Will they hold?

    Prevent 100 Cave-ins in total from Underground Marsquakes

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  • Space Dwarves

    All your colonists live underground (at least 200 colonists)

  • Asteroid Hopping

    Have a single Asteroid Lander visit 10 asteroids before returning to Mars

  • Into the Unknown

    Go game over as your last colonists leaves Mars behind to take a trip into the great unknown

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