Swordbreaker The Game Reviews

    13 Oct 2020 13 Oct 2020
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    Swordbreaker does exactly what it says it will--give you cheap and dirty gamerscore. It's a functional visual novel, not an exciting or ambitious one. I'll be reviewing it mostly based on story, but a little on gameplay.

    You play as the swordbreaker, and here's where the first issue for me came up. Why are you called swordbreaker? The hero carries a clearly unbroken sword. Did he break a famous sword in the past? The game wants swordbreaker to be a mysterious hero, but that clashes with other parts of the gameplay.

    The game gives swordbreaker several personality traits that you have no control over. The hero is a greedy, lecherous jerk. He spends key moments commenting on a ghost's "nice ass." However, the narrative doesn't really punish him for being a jerk. Even in the bad ending, he is punished for showing mercy, not greed.

    Speaking of endings, you will encounter three in your quest to get the most gamerscore in the least time. There's a good ending, an evil ending, and a bad ending. None provide any closure.

    For gameplay, the system is simple and functional. You are given a scenario and pick from a list of options to advance your quest. Choose wisely and be rewarded, choose poorly and lose one of your three lives. The scenarios branch and reconvene in surprising ways. Often, the sensible choice will get you killed. In one especially annoying scene, the correct answer is to sleep in a bed without checking it for traps first. If you check for traps, the hero dies.

    Of course, this frustration can be bypassed with a guide, and there are several good guides to choose from. A quick player will get all the achievements in just 40 minutes, and then you can completely forget about Swordbreaker, a true victory.