Syberia 3 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Syberia 3 walkthrough. My name is TheRancidDog and I will be guiding you through the entire story, with a carefully-crafted roadmap to unlocking all of the achievements in a single playthrough.

If you have experience with either or both of the previous two Syberia games on Xbox Live (or their original releases), the third entry has very similar gameplay, but with new controls. Now, you directly control Kate Walker with cn_LS and use cn_A to interact with objects. Some puzzles will require you to hold down the button and move your control stick around as if you were actually using the item (for example, unscrewing a screw from a power box with a makeshift knife). Syberia 3 has a reputation for being full of bugs on other platforms, but apart from some lag in one area I never encountered a ton of problems, and none of the achievements are glitchy.

The Xbox releases of Syberia 1 and 2 both have an "Old School" achievement requiring you to beat the game in Difficult Mode in under 6 hours. If you've struggled with that achievement you need not worry here because there is no speedrun achievement. When you begin the game you will have the choice of Voyage or Adventure Mode, which determine whether you have more or fewer visual clues. It does not matter which one you pick.

I will say that there are a lot of missable achievements. I will point out when you are coming up on one and what you need to do so you don't miss it, if you want to beat this in a single playthrough. Some of them are for making certain choices or different branches of dialogue. I will try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. All right, let's get into it! Took took! Kate Walker and the Youkols are waiting for you.

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