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Geoff Keighley's New Event Offers Steam Demos on Upcoming Games

Last week Geoff Keighley dropped some hints that a new project would involve gamers around the world. Today the host and founder of The Game Awards revealed The Game Festival, offering demos on upcoming games via Steam.

Posted 2 years ago by Sam Quirke

System Shock Remaster Put On Indefinite Hiatus

Unfortunately, another Kickstarter appears to have bitten off more than it can chew. In a reasonably candid update, System Shock Remastered's developer tells us they need to take a break and refocus.

Posted 4 years ago by Sam Quirke

The Most Anticipated Indie Games on Xbox in 2018

Last weekend we took a look at the upcoming schedule of 2018 AAA games. For those that like to supplement their blockbusters with smaller, often shorter but more often unique titles, these upcoming indies will do the trick.

Posted 4 years ago by Mark Delaney

E3 Roundtable Video: Immersive Sim Shooters

Recorded live at E3 we have a roundtable discussion of immersive sim shooters featuring Warren Spector of Otherside Entertainment, Harvey Smith of Arkane Studios and Darryl Long of Ubisoft.

Posted 5 years ago by Lucy Wood

A Video Game Renaissance

History always repeats itself, and gaming is no different. With new ideas and a reinvigorated desire to experience classic gameplay in modern games, we're in a Renaissance. Where will we go from here?

Posted 6 years ago by Kevin Tavore

System Shock Remastered Edition Reaches Kickstarter Goal

System Shock Remastered Edition, which just started its Kickstarter campaign a little over a week ago, reached its $900,000 goal this morning. It garnered more than $450,000 in just the first 24 hours.

Posted 6 years ago by Kelly Packard

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