Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Arcade Achievements

Full list of all 12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Arcade achievements worth 200 gamerscore.

  • Ninjitsu

    Defeat three opponents with a direct attack.

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  • Lofty Goal

    Clear out April's Loft, losing 10 health or less, in a Local game.

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  • Lickity Split

    Clear out the Apartment and April’s Loft in 2:00 minutes or less.

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  • In the Dark

    Fall into a manhole 5 times.

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  • Fire Hazard

    Rescue Master Splinter without being burned by the flamethrower.

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  • Evade

    Defeat General Traag in the Technodrome, losing 20 or less health.

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  • Deep Freeze

    Get past the freezing trap in the Technodrome, without being frozen.

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  • Strategy

    Defeat Krang's robot, losing 10 health or less.

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  • Turtle Soup

    Defeat Shredder without being turned into a regular turtle.

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  • Superhero

    Destroy all Parking Meters, Pylons, Barrels, and Speed Signs in the game.

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  • Slice and Dice

    Earn 250 points, individually, in an Xbox Live CO-OP game.

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  • Real Ultimate Power

    Defeat Shredder in an Xbox Live CO-OP game, and live to tell the tale.

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