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    So coming from a young persons perspective, I am excited for the new Ninja Turtles movie. Everything about it looks promising in my eyes. Then I heard about a new game for the movie. "Oh boy!" I said, "I can't wait to see a brand new game with the turtles after the last two abysmal games the Turtles have been in!" Then I found out it was a Kinect game. My hopes slowly went down. Now, as you are reading this review right now, I will review TMNT Training Lair for Xbox 360 Kinect.


    There is actually no story to this game. I am not kidding. The only thing you will think is a story is "How many Pizza Hut boxes do these guys have?" That would probably be the best story to a game like this.


    The gameplay is like Fruit Ninja but with a couple twists. You use all four Ninja Turtle Weapons: Bo, Katana, Nunchucks, and the Sai. There is a tutorial mission in which you use your fists as a weapon. You progress through each different Ninja Turtle dojo and try to go for the high score. You get points based on what objects you hit like wooden planks and Pizza Hut boxes. The items you don't want to hit are the radioactive bombs or ninja stars. These "enemies" will bring down your points and make it harder for you to get a high score. Near the end of each dojo, a bonus section will occur, letting you get extra points by eating pizza. If you get a certain amount of points with each different dojo level, you will unlock backgrounds for pictures you can post on Facebook. Trust me, these pictures make you feel like you need to stop using this feature but you can't. Overall, this Fruit Ninja-esque gameplay is nothing special.

    I cannot really say much about the sound. I had my headset off most of the time i was playing this game but I can say while I had my headset on, the sound was forgettable. The music was really similar to a crappy action movie soundtrack. Just on repeat the whole time you playing.


    You control the movement of the Turtle's weapons with your body (duh). There isn't much to say except you must use your body to dodge the bombs and ninja stars, and to use your body to go and destroy all of the objects. The controls are really unresponsive. The calibration for this game for me made me want to throw my kinect into the sewers and watch a bunch of mutated turtles beat the living crap out of it. But, this is just my controls. I know some people will have a better time controlling this game than I will!

    A plus side to this game is that the achievements aren't horrible and grindy! There are a total of 12 achievements worth 400 gamerscore.These achievements do not take long to obtain. I got about 9 out of the 12 achievements in 30 minutes. The only tough achievements to get are destroying every object in one game which means all five levels must have all objects destroyed. There are also separate achievements for dodging all ninja stars and bombs in one game. Then finally there is one achievement where you must hit all objects and miss every ninja star and bombs in one game. That is the hardest achievement in the whole game. There are also achievements where you must get 15,000 points with each Turtle level. Those are easy to obtain so don't worry. The easiest achievements to get are to post images on Facebook and finish one game once. I would say about a hour and 30 minute completion. This would be a good game to bean dive!

    Another good thing about this game is that it is free! No paying for a poorly executed game. But I wouldn't hold off on this game to download. This game is for the movie only and might get delisted soon after the movie comes out. So grab this game fast! It also doesn't take up much space in your hard drive. Only about 150 MB. Another plus.

    This game does not revolutionize anything about Kinect or Xbox Arcade. It is just a quick movie cash-in game with no fun mixed into the game at all. The achievements are easy and obtainable in about a hour and a half, gameplay is nothing special, sound is forgettable, but it is free and has a small download size so I'll give it that. This is a good time-killer and achievement game for us hunters. If you want a good TMNT game, I would look elsewhere. These heroes in a Half-Shell need to take a break from video games.


    2.5 Pizza Hut Boxes out of 5

    Thank you for reading my review! I was wanting to write another review after my first review which was the 2013 Nick TMNT game so I thought, why not! If you have any questions or if you put a thumbs down or heck, even liked the review, please comment below or PM me. I reply back to every message or comment I get. See you all later and happy achievement huntingwave!
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    Stardust Ren@kanteroo Thank you for the kind words! You should write a review for this game too! I would like to read it.

    @CalculatedRisque I meant from a young persons perspective. I'm a lot younger than most members of TA and I know that some of the TA members do not agree with the new Ninja Turtle movie. And thank you for pointing out that typo. Autocorrect changed it and I didn't see it. Will fix now!
    Posted by Stardust Ren On 04 Aug 14 at 10:33
    StiffishClown67If the game is free. It's not a "cash in" it's a "tie in".
    Posted by StiffishClown67 On 18 Aug 14 at 18:46
    Stardust Ren@StiffishClown67 Yes, that is true about the tie-in for the game but the main point of this game was to get you to go see the movie and buy TMNT things. So technically, yes, it is a movie tie-in, but it is a cash-in in the same way.
    Posted by Stardust Ren On 19 Aug 14 at 14:14
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    It is a good idea. But they should gone with the XBOX ONE. And not the XBOX 360. Because the KINECT is more accuracy. And more responds then KINECT 360. And it would be better graphics then the 360. It be more sharper then 360. And alot better looking game then it now. I have to take two stars for that. And there is no turning back on that judgment of this game. And if I did this game. I would make it for the XBOX ONE and not the 360. Because it would be better that way then it is now. Because it better recived by gamers alike.