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    Forward notes: This is for the disc based game, TMNT, not the arcade based game, TMNT 1989 Arcade. It should also be noted that I am an avid Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan – it was my favorite show growing up – not to mention all the sweet action figures I own. If you’re wondering, Michaelangelo is my favorite – he’s a party dude.

    Single Player
    The single player is what is going to take up all of your time, because, well, there is no multiplayer. Here’s how the gameplay works. On each level you will be one of the four turtles. During the level you may be switched, but this won’t be of your choice. You basically have to move forward along the screen to get to the area you want to go to. Simple enough right? You’ll be pressing the “Y” button to jump forward, “B” button to jump right, etc. You’ll be informed of when to do these button presses by some small flashes of light on the bottom of your screen, along with some common sense.

    Along with this jumping each turtle also has some special ability. Raphael can dig each of his sai into some cement walls to climb upwards (but only at certain designated areas when the game feels like it). Michaelangelo can spin his nunchucks in circles to “fly” a little bit. And so on, and so forth.

    During these jumping and special use episodes, you’ll also have to fight bad guys, though this is pretty much a sidenote. You can basically smash the basic attack buttons over and over and you’ll be fine, but if you’re really into it you can charge up attacks and what not. I never lost a life in combat until the last level boss. You’ll also learn some “special brother moves” that require two turtles. Basically it means that they will fling you forward after spinning you in a circle. Oh boy!
    That is seriously all this game is. It’s a bunch of levels over and over again of you jumping to move forward in the level, fighting a few foot clan bad guys along the way. You cannot choose the difficulty you play on, so the game, which was probably designed for around 9 year olds, will hold no problem to anyone with an IQ. There is also a storyline that tries to loosely follow what happened in the most recent of the movies. I emphasize loosely, since the game is basically a jumping game, it had to throw in some extra stuff. For some reason you like being on roofs with broken electrical wiring, you like jumping on top of floats in a parade, and really like to skateboard in the sewers. I don’t know, I didn’t write the plot.
    The levels get progressively more difficult as you advance – this means not very much – the enemies will stay about the same difficulty except for the random bosses you’ll fight. If you die at any point you will be moved back to a checkpoint, which is basically a place where you are standing still before some difficult jumps. In this they do it right – the checkpoints are usually quite often and after some difficult maneuvers. Even as simple as the game is, at some point you’re bound to screw up either because you’re bored or because you fell asleep and dropped your controller.

    If you can’t tell by now, I was severely bored with this game. This isn’t no teenage mutant ninja turtles 1989 arcade game that you played with your buddies. This is a slaughter of an excellent franchise. And no, don’t say I didn’t give the game a fair chance – I played it through twice, once on my xbox and once on my Nintendo DS, which, is the same game essentially if you are curious (some minor control differences).

    You’ll get bored quickly, you’ll get upset easily, and you’ll be constantly wondering when the game is going to start. You’ll think to yourself “why” everytime you press continue to the next level. I honestly don’t think I’ve played through a more boring game. It was a chore.
    Single Player Score: 3/10

    There is no multiplayer. This was a shame because a co-op might have made the game slightly more bearable. I emphasize slightly.
    Multiplayer Score: N/a

    The graphics are actually a very large disappointment as well. Although I understand that the turtles basically have to look like they did in the movie or television shows to be recognizable and not get a bunch of fan hate mail, but they just used the same basic model for each turtle and then threw on the identifiable bandanna. Sometimes it is hard to even see their weapons, which makes it even more of a disappointment. Most of the time you’ll be seeing basic brick walls, cement ground, or simple flat surfaces. I do not lie to you when I say that most of the game looks like it could have easily been produced on a Sega Genesis. The saving grace of the graphics is some of the cutscenes, which are taken basically straight out of the movie and placed into the video game. Although it is obvious that it didn’t take much skill to copy and paste, they still look good. That saves the graphics score from being a zero, I kid you not.
    Graphics Score: 4/10

    During the cutscenes the sound is acceptable and interesting – only because it was copied and pasted out of the movie – but nonetheless, acceptable. During the basic gameplay though I often felt awkward due to the lack of any good music playing. A lot of the time you’ll hear some random “hazards” going around you – if there is a electrical wire that is flying around you’ll hear the “buzz” of the sparks, or you’ll hear the people below you cheering while you are jumping around on the floats during the parade. Basic sounds like that.
    It’s nothing special. It’s nothing great. It’s barely acceptable.
    Sound Score: 4/10

    Here’s the reason almost everyone is playing this game, beyond the TMNT fans, like me. But it was the reason I continued to suffer throughout the entire gameplay. The achievements are extremely simple and you get them all by beating the game. You cannot miss any if you beat the game. You will have 1000/1000 by the end of this game, if you played every level. Therefore this game has become the epitome of “easy gamerscore” increases.

    You get points for each level you complete. For some reason the creators thought that you required more points as you went along because you’ve suffered through the game more, so the points will be odd numbered (17 GP). Towards the end you’ll get up to some ridiculous numbers for beating a level (90 points?!). You’ll also get achievements for doing the new moves of each of the turtles! You are forced to try it when you learn it, so you’ll g et those mid-level. I assure you, if you play the game straight through, you cannot miss an achievement. There is nothing that is timed, no collectibles, no difficulty based achievements, nothing. Free points.

    When I say all this, I don’t mean it as a good thing. Yes, it convinced me to continue to play through the game because I’m an achievement junkie, when I normally would have turned it off, but it’s a big disappointment. This basically ensures that this game is a pure rental or cheap five dollar purchase, because you’ll only be playing through it once. They basically ensured that this would be this way when they didn’t create any difficulties, any multiplayer, or bother to put any time into collectibles or even a simple timer. But there could have been some basic ones that you see in jumping games – like don’t die on ____ level, or beat level ____ in less than 10 minutes, something, anything. The good news is that there are no achievements that glitch and no impossible achievements that would make you play the game a thousand times to beat (Beat level 1 thirty times!)
    Achievement Score: 4/10

    There is no DLC for this game. I guess they could have added on some new playable characters (like using splinter), but considering how much I never want to play this game again, I couldn’t see others buying it to play through again.
    DLC Score: N/a

    Final Score: 5.5/10



    • It’s a free 1000/1000 gamerpoints to those of you looking to quickly boost your gamerscore in a single night.
    • The cutscenes aren’t bad
    • If you have a nine year old, he’ll be able to understand the controls.

    • If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it will for sure ruin it for you. But at the same time you’ll wonder where some parts that are in the game appear are in the movie.
    • Repetitive beyond belief – you jump to the left, to the right, forward, special move. Jump to the left, right, and forward, grind a bar! Jump to the left, to the right, forward, brother help!
    • Pathetic achievements means you won’t be playing through this more than once to accomplish anything more
    • No difficulties, poor graphics beyond the cutscenes, lackluster sound
    • For some reason nothing really makes sense, and everything is extremely unsafe, but for some reason you must walk past it. There really is no explanation as to why you need to be on a roof with dangerous electrical wires, and why you don’t try to fix them.

    Final Thoughts:

    I cannot stress enough how much I think you should avoid this game, unless you are an achievement fanatic. Repetitive gameplay, lackluster sound and graphics, boring achievements, and a confusing story really place this in the epitome of bad movie based games. You may be saying to yourself “it isn’t as bad as he says it is, I love the turtles, I’ll pick this up.” I kid you not when I say I used to go down to Disney World twice a year just to go to MGM to see the turtles come out in their truck and sign my autograph book. But if you want a quick way to fill your gamerscore, this is the game for you…
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    VeryMetalChewieHow exactly does 5.5/10 translate to 1/5 stars?
    Posted by VeryMetalChewie on 16 Jan 13 at 18:00
    Tasty PastryA good point. Moved it to two stars and cleaned up the review so it looks nicer. Cheers.
    Posted by Tasty Pastry on 16 Jan 13 at 18:24
    JamPound32You mention that if you beat the game you will have the 1k which isn't true. Besides the not getting hit one which although easy is missable, there is also the collect a coin one which if I remember correctly requires you to replay a level.
    Posted by JamPound32 on 17 Aug 13 at 18:03
  • kingrich06kingrich061,578,029
    25 Nov 2008
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    I have to admit one of the reasons I started playing this game was because of the movie. I really like the story and the CGI. Added bonus was getting easy achievement points. Now after watching the opening credits I see the game was made from Ubisoft Montreal, this is the same place that developed and produced Assassin's Creed. Immediately my expectations became very high. When the intro started and the opening sequences appeared, I started to realize I was wrong.

    Game play:
    The game play is rather basic but fun. You control the turtles with each having his unique weapon and special move. There are not many fighting moves. Pressing the same button repeatedly does different attack moves but does the same damage. Only in the later stages you will get to switch between turtles. There are 17 Stages in the game, the locations might be different but you basically do the same thing. You navigate a turtle across obstacles such as buildings, sewers, lane ways and pits while trying to fall to your death. This reminds me a lot like Tomb Raider style games. While most obstacles are easy, some do damage to you. Usually after a few obstacles you end up in an area where bad guys are waiting for you. These guys are extremely easy, you usually get more damage from toxic slime than these foot ninjas. The bosses are even easier as their AI is very weal and they do the same sequences of moves very 30 seconds.

    Decent graphics. A jungle is a jungle and a building is a building. You do get the sense of heights when walking around. You can tell it's a water fall or a sewer water running. Obstacles and walls that you can climb on and over do look realistic. One thing that is very hard is the camera angles. You cannot change the view, it's a set view that makes it hard to know where the next ledge is. Also the static view makes it a little difficult to se all the bad guys around you.

    Sound and Music:
    Music score is pretty decent nothing grand but does not annoy either. The sounds are pretty good, the splash of water are realistic. The grunts from fighting are there. I even like when one of the foot ninjas whistles and tries to call you over to fight him.

    There is not difficulty setting. The game does not get harder as the game goes on. You can do all the special moves from the beginning; there is no leveling the turtles to get stronger. There are only a few moments where bad camera angles make it hard for you to know where to land. Even then if you die you start from the last saved checkpoint and continue. There are unlimited continues until you get the job done, so you try anything without fear of losing position.

    Final Thoughts:

    Wish it was longer, I finished this game in about 4 hours of gametime. This game could have been a lot better. The turtles could have been improved to have different attacks or combos. There is no multiplayer not even a co-op, this is wasted opportunity since there is 4 turtles that could be used at the same time. The bosses could have been a lot harder. Free roaming the city and the city sewers would have been fun. Random encounters also would have been great. The cut scenes could also have been animated instead of them flipping through a comic showing scenes while talking about it.
    This game had a lot of potential but failed to capitalize on it. It seemed something pieced together to get release date to coincide with the movie premier.
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    25 May 2009 30 May 2009
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    TMNT is a game that tied in with the release of the 2007 CGI animated movie of the same name. The game follows the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as they work to discover what is causing monsters to roam the city. The game is enjoyable for fans of the movie and the turtles, but offers little in the way of compelling story or innovation. At its heart TMNT is about jumping from platform to platform, and button mashing fighting.

    The game is divided into 16 chapters for the story mode. If a player completes a chapter with a high enough ranking, a special challenge map is unlocked. There are no difficulty settings, and it’s pretty easy to breeze though the story mode. The game’s camera is fixed, and this causes a lot of frustration when trying to perform a precise jump from one ledge to another; there are occasions where you cannot see where you are running or jumping. With the exception of boss battles, combat pretty much involves pressing Y and B while facing enemies. Boss battles provide a slightly greater challenge, but not much. Once you figure out the attack pattern of a specific boss it’s cake. Bosses are really the only time that the team special attack mechanic is beneficial. Some jumps or obstacles do require that you use a specific turtle; Leonardo for example has the power to move though certain objects the other turtles cannot. Thoughout the game characters reference the power of teamwork and brotherhood, but many missions are specific to on of the turtles, and the others are not even playable.

    The games graphics are passable, and do a good job matching the art direction of the film. There were times when frame rates dropped during weather effects such as rain. The voice acting in the game is also true to the film. However, the turtles do repeat the same three or four lines over and over during combat and especially while jumping from platforms.

    This is a decidedly unimpaired movie tie-in game, but if you’re a fan of the Turtles you’ll enjoy a single play though of TMNT. Due to the lack of difficulty settings, this game offers absolutely no replay value on completed. Of course this game is known for being very easy to get 1000 gamerscore in, so that alone may make it worth renting or picking up used.
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    Disclaimer- I only generally right reviews for games that to me either were horrible or irritating i.e. Backbreaker Football- that said this is actually only my second review please be nice :)

    TMNT is the gaming console release corresponding to the CGI movie a few years ago. To be honest and frank neither the movie nor the game did the franchise any justice and were probably marketed to a new generation, that had they not remade the Turtles with CGI, would probably never appreciate how awesome they were/are. Kids these days...

    The game is no cinematic masterpiece and neither the story nor graphics are going to blow your mind and the game play... let’s just say you'll probably want to put your controller through the television!

    So let’s briefly explore the content that is TMNT...

    Game play- The most important aspect of many games is the game play. While the controls are very basic (left joystick to move, x,y,a,b for various moves) they are also very lacking. It almost seems as if the developers forgot about half the buttons on the Xbox controller! Allow me to explain. The game focuses on your simply running around in a 3d world with a very linear path to the goal. The most unfortunate thing is that the camera angle is controlled for you so many times you will miss jump an area or miss an enemy in an engagement due to the lack of angle your presented. Also you use the jump button (A) to engage in many routes of travel from running on walls to jumping chasms, the problem is that many times you want to simply jump your turtle grabs the wall and runs himself into the pit of doom and death or vice versa!!! With so many left over buttons they could have eliminated this problem with ease. The game however is very straightforward. Your path is indicated by both the camera angle forcing you to go a particular direction and little floating coins that have no value other than unlocking alternate modes. You’ll find yourself doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over... you get the point. But mostly asking yourself why!!! How many downed power cables can one building have!!!! The fights while not as constant as the old 2d platforms are like the game repetitive and a dull murmur of button mashing no tactics required. The bosses while few are as dull as the regular enemies. This could have been made more challenging by an option of difficulties, but the frustration you'll face when your turtle does the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do almost made me glad to see it omitted as multiple difficulties means multiple achievements...

    The last part to mention is the lack of co-op play!!! Since TMNT 2 on the Nintendo there has always been the opportunity to tag team with a friend as your favorite turtle and save the world. In this game its non-existent...

    Graphics/Sound-The graphics are mediocre. I’ve seen equal on my PSP. The building looks like buildings with the addition of windows good job guys! Everything is trying too hard to maintain the cartoon aspect while adapting to the new world of CGI. Truthfully as far as the sound goes... I had my volume off the whole time while playing music of my own. While I can't be certain, I'm almost positive it’s a better experience that way.

    Difficulty- 8/10 allow me to explain. While the game in itself is not difficult dealing with the game play is. So this is a combined score. As mentioned before the game is constantly screwing you!!!! Too many times I simply wanted to jump across a gap and my turtle felt it was time to grip the wall and try to run across the gap only to fall into the void and reset me to the previous checkpoint!!!! I probably could have finished this game in half the time I did had it not been for this utter controller slamming experience!!! In fact that is the whole reason I am writing this review to save you from dealing with it as well!!!! The reason the score is dropped to an 8 is that all the achievements but 2 are story related and cannot be missed so it’s 21 freebees and an easy 1000 GS to obtain.

    Final thoughts- AVOID THIS GAME AT ALL COST!!! UNLESS YOU WERE LIKE ME AND LOOKING FOR A QUICK GS BOOST THIS IS NOT THE GAME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!!!! Save yourself the headache of playing and if you want the same result out of life simply kick a horse from behind and hope that on the reflex swing of its leg it puts its hoof into your head and knocks you out cold for 4-7 hours. Congratulations you are on par with anyone who has completed TMNT!.....
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    08 Jan 2011
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    Well this is my first game review, so any commenters, please go easy on me! I'll keep it brief, unless you're under the age of about 10, it's doubtful whether there's much here to entertain you, aside from the the incredibly cheap achievements obviously. Average graphics, repetitive gameplay and clunky controls do not add up to a particularly enjoyable gaming experience, and going by the rating the game has earned for itself on this very website, i very much doubt if i'm alone in thinking this. On the plus side, three-four hours worth of hammering through this will net you the full 1000 Gamerscore, which is ultimately why we're all here i guess, just don't expect to really enjoy the process, that's all.