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    Hello, and welcome to my first review here on TA.
    I bought this "game" a while ago with the intent to get a 1000 GS boost, and to see if it truly lived up to the negativity of its reviews.
    Which... it does. I can't say I regret the experience per say, I'm unsure the 10$ price tag was truly worth it, though I suppose as a review/warning, it might make up for it.

    Without further ado, lets jump right in.

    TRAX is an on-the-rails racing game. You race with toy rc cars in a 1v1 style along a set path. Your goal is simply to lap each of the games 12 tracks 5 times faster then the AI opponent.

    While an incredibly simple concept, indeed only truly requiring the right trigger to race, the games sole redeeming feature is how quickly you can obtain its completion. It is plagued with problems and frustrations that will quickly make you question just WHY you picked up this title.

    As I did NOT load up the "build your own track" feature, I have no comments on it, though rest assured, you'll soon see why, and why this game will not stick with you.

    While the game doesn't have terrible graphics, the entirety of the game takes place in a childs room. No change of background or scenery, really nothing special here. The cars are boxy in design.

    The game offers the use of 4 cars, each with 4 different paint jobs.
    The cars, however, drive exactly the same. I honestly noticed no differences and as you're more likely to be eyeing the track as you'll soon find out, the paint jobs themselves did little to spice up the game play.

    The game seemed to have a slight problem with longer tracks, I should note. Almost as if the pieces weren't perfectly put together, though this was mainly only noticeable at the start of the tracks in a full zoomed in mode.

    You race with the right trigger, as stated above. You change between one of two camera angles with you Y button.
    While you may be thinking "that seems simple", you'd be right, though sadly misguided.

    The trigger mechanic is incredibly touchy. If you drive too quickly around a corner, bend, or even a bump in the track, your car is thrown off the track, leading to a few seconds before you are placed back on, in most cases effectively requiring you to reset the match or attempt to hopelessly catch up. I can also point out that many times, I'd take a corner or angle at the same speed, and would still be thrown off, much to my annoyance. Even "hammering" the trigger so as not to speed seemed futile at times.

    The camera has an up close or a somewhat eagle eye view of the track, but both are terrible. Using up close makes it impossible to see when you need to slow down, and the eagle view does such a bad job following you, many times whipping around or turning itself on a dime, you are prone to misjudging your speed and either unnecessarily slowing down, or again going too fast and jettisoning off the track.

    You hear the sounds of an rc car racing along a track.
    Thats it. No change, no variation, no music to speak of. Just dead silence.

    Surprisingly challenging at times, though only due to the above problems.

    The only true learning curve is how to use the trigger to speed up and slow down, WHEN the game wants you to slow down, and using the games view to go about making corners and turns. A tad bit of memorization might help as well, but as the games are designed to be fast, I can't say I got very good at that bit.

    Out of the 12 pre built tracks, I'd say 4 gave me any difficulty due to camera angle, and 2 gave me pause due to the number of turns and twists. It really was hard to gauge just how fast I could go at times, and it was at times seemingly random just what caused me to crash.

    The achievements state to beat the AI at difficulty 2 or above yet there is no way to change this setting. The AI would either race a perfect game, Keep up or around me, or be so horrid it would crash one, two, and at one point FIVE times during the course of the few minute games.
    Sadly, on two of the more twisting game tracks, I actually had to RELY on the AI crashing, just so I could drive at a "comfortable" pace.

    The shoddy mechanics of the game make this a frustrating, yet very doable completion. It isn't a racing game such as Forza, Sonic Racing, or any of the like. Its on the rails nature make it simple. Its the execution that makes this a headache.
    If you were to, say, retry maps until the AI crashed one or two times, each track would be easy and take no more than a few minutes, though I can attest that such luck based gaming is a major sour note.

    At the current 10$ price tag, though, there are far more games that could be beaten just as fast, are more enjoyable, and are less of a headache. Cubot is 2$ and with a guide is under an hour. Many ACA Neogeo games are just as fast and only 7$. I have personally never seen TRAX on sale, so its up to the potential consumer if 1000gs is worth 10$.

    Personally? I'm still undecided. Can't take it back now, though.
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    Killian FraggleIt looks like this is just Scalextric title, re-branded... If so, 1.5* is highly generous...

    See the review here for comparison...
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    Please don't encourage the developers by buying this absolute trash...
    Posted by Killian Fraggle on 21 Jan at 10:48
    pezboybenWow, yeah, this game is really not good. Of note, if you go to options from the main screen you can change the AI difficulty to 1,2, or 3. It's default is level 2 which is the minimum needed for the achievements so I never touched it, I just explored the menus a bit.
    Posted by pezboyben on 29 Jan at 20:05