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    So, I’ve never played Borderlands before. I saw the game for free on the Xbox Live store, knew that a load of my friends loved the game, and thought why the hell not?.

    Safe to say, I loved this game. It only took me about an hour and a half to play the first episode through (and hey, I only died once,
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    ; which I think is pretty damn good). This game is addicting, and thoroughly enjoyable.

    Honestly, I’m amazed at the quality of the game; now then, I have seen game play of Borderlands and I was stunned that Telltale managed to have the quality at the same standard as their other games – but still in the same unique Borderlands style.

    The game itself is easy enough to understand, and the two characters you play as (Fiona and Rhys) are fun to play as – and often, Fiona’s sassy remarks left me in stitches. I had to pause the game at one point to go wipe my face of tears.

    The first episode of the game is, currently, free on the Xbox Live store and I really suggest you go and download it. The game is a wonderful one, and it even tugged on my heartstrings at one point (and my friends call me heartless due to the content I write!)

    It’s well written, funny, and the story is thoroughly enjoyable.
    A solid 5/5 for this game, I didn’t even notice the lag – there is one part I noticed where Vaughn is talking, but his lips don’t move, and I think that happens a few times, but really, you don’t notice that much.

    For achievement hunters – this is an easy one. An hour and a half play through gets you 200G (20G; 30G; 20G; 20G; 30G; 30G; 50G) over 7 achievements – just playing the game achieves you all seven.

    I can’t wait for my next pay check so I can grab the season pass and play through it all.
    What are you waiting for? Go and try it.
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    AllgorhythmThanks for the review. This is a great game. The characters are well done and the voice acting is exceptional. I did experience a little lag in places but not to the extent that it diminished my enjoyment of the game.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 21 Dec 15 at 23:26
    DBD RockLobsterGreat game but I had a serious problem with lag. Whenever it would save it would majorly lag, and considering sometimes it saves during QTE sequences, it's kind of a problem. Also had problem with voices not being synced with the mouth movements, as well as sometimes no voice actually being played during talking sequences, so I couldn't possibly hear what the character was saying (thankfully I use subtitles with telltale games otherwise I wouldn't have been able to experience a lot of the story). Overall it's a fantastic game barring some major technical errors that I experienced. Not sure if this happens for everybody, as the problems actually got worse as the episodes progressed, but the problems were serious enough to hinder the experience. However, I still enjoyed it, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to season 2 smile
    Posted by DBD RockLobster on 23 Dec 15 at 05:21
    IAteA11ThePiesDBD RockLobster - I too had the muted sound issue, but also was using subtitles anyway. I had wondered if it was a corrupted d/l, but I guess not. Fun game, though I only have (and thus played) the first episode thus far.
    Posted by IAteA11ThePies on 08 Jan 16 at 20:41
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    02 Aug 2022
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    Tales of a Black Loading Screen 2014 edition.

    Is one of the most intriguing and experimental games that have ever graced the Xbox.

    Instead of delivering a gaming experience it seems that the developers went for a rather abstract experience the likes of which I’ve never seen outside Call of Duty 3 servers.

    A completely black loading screen will great you for about 9-15 minutes as you wait for the game to load the main menu. I don’t agree with many others about the gameplay that you get with this, there isn’t anything you can do other then pull the power plug out and restart the game with this screen. Im aware that Metal Gear Solid 2 was pretty meta about nobody talks about this at all.

    After you get past this screen you are then hit with a rather loud TALES OF A BLACK LOADING SCREEN TM. After hitting this you are graced with even more loading screens that have some of the lowest FPS ever recorded in a 2014 Xbox game.

    However, these loading screens will say LOADING on them.

    After you get past these you can then select episodes to play, the audio is up to two minutes behind on most episodes and at times the loading screens for each area takes longer than the episode itself. Also, most of the cutscenes are at up to 3 FPS a second which is slower than a child flipping pictures infront of you.

    To me it seems as if the game is attempting to kill itself out of some technical pact.

    The howl of the disk being read was far more consistent than any audio that was omitted from this wonder of a game. I’m unsure as to what artistic purpose this serves nor why this game was purposely shipped in such a state.

    I’m not videogames are art guy. I'm obviously not the intended target for a game that seems to just be bugs. But if you like playing games that are literally loading screens and lockup all the time, this could be the game for you.

    I give this game three crashes at the menu screen out of five blinky changing color loading screens that last longer than three of the episodes.
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    07 May 2018
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    This game is bloody hilarious. There's nothing like it. Defiantly my favorite game from Telltale. The unique styling of Boarderlands, the open endedness of Telltale, and an absolutely ADORABLE freaking robot. During the final scenes, I was cursing and singing the praises of the writers and the choices because I was basically crying because of several scenes during the last episode. Need a good bit of randomness with a side of drama? This is perfect. Tales From The Boarderlands I would gladly play over and over again just to see what other kinds of endings and experiences I can have out of this game and I'd be fully interested in how each playthrough feels from the other. It feels more real than the others. The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, and The Wolf Among Us has nothing on how much love I feel for this game.