Tales of Arise Achievements

Full list of all 58 Tales of Arise achievements worth 1,205 gamerscore. It takes around 60-80 hours to unlock all of the achievements in the base game.

The base game contains 47 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore, and there is 1 DLC pack containing 11 achievements worth 205 Gamerscore.

  • Emissary of Liberation

    Defeat Lord Balseph. Keep the flag of liberation raised high. The fight has only just begun.

  • Vanquishers of Darkness

    Defeat Lord Ganabelt, bringing light to Cyslodia and its people for the first time in centuries.

  • Comrades in Freedom

    Recruit Lord Dohalim to your ranks. With friends like him, the Crown Contest's days are numbered.

  • Retired Avenger

    Defeat Lord Almeidrea. A lone boy is all that stood between her and death by one of her victims.

  • Liberator of Dahna

    Defeat Lord Vholran. With all the Renan lords deposed, Dahna is now free at last.

  • Invasion Averted

    Stop the lights from the wedge. The Rena have stolen more than enough from Dahna as it is.

  • The Truth

    Learn the truth about Dahna and Rena on Daeq Faezol. Now to take the fight to the Great Spirit.

  • Destined Liberator

    Save both worlds from impending destruction. A bright future awaits the people of the new world.

  • Wall Smasher

    Forge strong bonds with all party members as a testament to all the many hours spent together.

  • Intertwining Hearts

    Forge a strong bond with Shionne, sharing your first meal together again, and plenty more...

  • An Honest Mage

    Forge a strong bond with Rinwell, helping her come to terms with her lineage and feelings.

  • Role Model

    Forge a strong bond with Law, giving him something to aspire to on and off the battlefield.

  • A Modest Dream

    Forge a strong bond with Kisara, reminding her it's good to dream a little.

  • Drink 'til You Drop

    Forge a strong bond with Dohalim, becoming drinking buddies with a one-time lord.

  • Owl Homecoming

    Find and report all of the owls. Even with his cohorts back, Hootle's place remains with Rinwell.

  • Rebellious Spark

    Clear your first sub-quest. Even the lowliest spark can grow into a raging, all-consuming flame.

  • Problem Solver

    Clear 70 sub-quests. No request from the people is too hard for this party to solve.

  • Skilled Angler

    Catch your first fish. More than just a fun pastime for lazy days, it's a way to find food, too.

  • Godly Angler

    Catch every type of fish and show the Fishing Notes to the Fishing Expert.

  • Speedy Chef

    Cook your first meal. In such harsh conditions, simply staying fed is what matters most.

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  • Globetrotting Foodie

    Acquire 30 kinds of non-DLC recipes. The quest for tasty meals spans every corner of Dahna.

  • Arms Stockpiler

    Forge 100 types of weapons. Such dedicated forging teaches that every weapon has good points.

  • Jeweler

    Craft 30 accessories. The search for the perfect balance between form and function never ends.

  • What's in a Name?

    Learn your first non-DLC title skill. Whatever you go by, that name shall become a source of power.

  • Myriad Monikers

    Learn 400 non-DLC title skills. Fame and renown bring a slew of aliases from friend and foe alike.

  • Hundred-Hit Smackdown

    Get over 100 hits in a combo. Band together and don't let your enemies strike back.

  • One-Hit Wonder

    Deal 10000 or more damage in one hit. It takes a warrior's all to deliver such a fantastic blow.

  • Diligent Counterattacker

    Perform 100 Counter Edges. Make your enemies fear every missed blow with these retaliations.

  • High Roller

    Spend 400000 gald. In this party, if something's for sale, it doesn't stay that way for long.

  • Peak Strength

    Reach level 100. Dahna's liberators now stand tall and mighty having come from rock bottom.

  • Encyclopedia Zeuglica

    Encounter 120 types of non-DLC enemies. Careful observation is sure to reveal their weaknesses.

  • Unrelenting Blaze

    Defeat Efreet Malum. What was once a small spark grew to consume even the flaming giant.

  • Night Blossom

    Defeat Meneiys. If only there had been time to admire the Phantom Flower just a little longer...

  • Quaking Continent

    Defeat Grand Gnome. So enormous was its body that it dwarfed even the ruins surrounding it.

  • Billowing Cyclone

    Defeat Procella Sylph. Soaring the skies on its back will forever remain a cherished memory.

  • Raging Current

    Defeat Luo Undine. Even its heft couldn't stop it from being washed away by the party's might.

  • Big Game Hunter

    Slay 20 gigants. No good adventurer can resist the temptation of fighting a great beast.

  • Otherworldly Survivor

    Clear the "Otherworldly Visitors" sub-quest and bring about a reunion between a certain pair.

  • Putting the Past in its Place

    Clear the "Reminiscence Device" sub-quest. No past foe is any trouble for today's party!

  • Elite Vanguard

    Clear Ultimate level of group training ground fights. With a party like that, who needs training?

  • Dilettante

    Obtain your first non-DLC artifact. Its strange, beguiling form never fails to shock and intrigue.

  • Curious Hobbyist

    Obtain 20 types of non-DLC artifacts. Amassing such a big collection is nothing short of a calling.

  • Novice Rancher

    Collect your first harvest on the ranch. Each life taken is raised well with love and respect.

  • Veteran Rancher

    Collect 50 harvests on the ranch. The meat produced sustains the party and its cause.

  • Owl Spotter

    Find and report 13 owls. The lonely forest is beginning to show signs of feathered life.

  • Owl Scouter

    Find and report 32 owls. The forest is now starting to teem with hordes of hooting owls galore.

  • Ceaseless Chatterbox

    View 300 skits. Despite all their time together, the party never runs out of things to discuss.

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Beyond the Dawn

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Beyond the Dawn
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Tales of Arise Achievements FAQ
  • How many achievements are there in Tales of Arise?
    There are 58 achievements in Tales of Arise, worth a total of 1,205 Gamerscore.
    You can view the full list of Tales of Arise achievements here.
  • Is Tales of Arise on Game Pass?
    Yes, Tales of Arise is currently available on Xbox Game Pass.
  • When did Tales of Arise release on Xbox?
    Tales of Arise was released on September 10th, 2021.
  • How long does it take to complete all the achievements in Tales of Arise?
    It takes between 60 and 80 hours to complete the base game achievements in Tales of Arise. You can find a full guide to unlocking all of the achievements in the Tales of Arise walkthrough.