Tales of Vesperia

Xbox 360

Tales of Vesperia Achievements

Most Earned

Secret Mission 15 (5)Defeated Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagi's attacks.
Eureka!12 (10)You used Synthesis to create new equipment and items. Keep it up!
First Strike25 (20)Took out your enemy in a single shot! Master this technique to gain advantage in battles.
Grand Battles12 (10)A thousand enemies down. Not even the Hunting Blades have pulled that off!

Least Earned

Vesperia Master (0)Proof of completing Tales of Vesperia. Thank you very much for playing!!
They Call Me...108 (30)You and your allies have acquired all titles. Some awe-inspiring. Others...not so much.
Item Nerd104 (30)You know of every item in the world. People from far and wide seek you out for a peek at the book.
Speedster51 (15)Whoa! Easy! Could you be any faster?! Relax. Take your time. There's much more to discover...
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