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Team-shakala! (0)You've picked your teams!
Skip the Cutoff Man
Skip the Cutoff Man (0)Skipped ahead to a clip you wanted!
Boom Goes the Team-Dynamite
Boom Goes the Team-Dynamite (0)You've started watching your very own Team Stream!
On Fire!
On Fire! (0)You're on fire – 3 videos in a row!

Least Earned

Hall of Famer
Hall of Famer (0)Prep the statue – you're going to the hall.
MVP! MVP! MVP! (0)You, sir, love your teams.
All-Star, All-Pro, All-Everything
All-Star, All-Pro, All-Everything (0)You're watching as fast as we can make em!
Starter (0)You've watched 5 hours of videos!
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