3. Team Stream Story walkthroughUpdate notes

As soon as you start the app, you'll be brought to a screen that has two choices. "Pick Teams" and "Play Now". Click on "Pick Teams". From this screen you'll see tons of sports teams. Just choose your favorite teams, or pick completely random ones. Doing so will net you your first achievement, which will be:

Hit "Confirm" once you've chosen your teams, and you'll automatically be brought to a screen that will show you a stream of videos which are related to your picked teams. The second a new video starts playing, you'll obtain your second achievement, which is:

Now after you've gotten the previous achievement, click on a different video using the cn_A button on your controller. This will skip the video you were watching previously, and start playing the clip you've clicked on. You'll unlock this achievement after doing so:

If for some reason you don't have this achievement yet, just watch 3 videos in a row and you'll unlock:

Now from the app, start any video, and then go to a different game or app (For example Netflix or Youtube) . Once you're in a different game or app, just double tap the cn_guide button on your controller and snap Team Stream. Once it's snapped, you'll unlock:

Now here's the part where leaving your Xbox on overnight, and the USB cable will come in to play:

To get the other 5 achievements, you're going to need to "watch" 50 hours worth of videos. Obviously you don't need to really watch videos at all to get the achievement, but you will need to have your Xbox running the app, and it being shown on your screen. Yes, snapping the app while playing a different game will count towards the last 5 achievements you'll need to get. You will get achievements for watching 1 hour of videos, 5 hours worth of videos, 10 hours worth of videos, 25 hours worth of videos, and last but not least, 50 hours worth of videos.

Luckily, the videos will shuffle automatically, so you'll be getting progress towards 50 hours no matter what you're doing. To start it all off though, make sure you have your controller plugged in to a USB cable, and make sure that the USB cable is plugged in to your Xbox. This will keep the controller from shutting off, thereby preventing you from getting a "Please reconnect controller" error. It wouldn't be nice to go out all day and then come home to find out that your progress was stopped, just because your controller decided to shut off. Now just start playing a random video and do something else while the app cycles through the videos. (School, Work, etc.)

That's about it, you can have the achievements app snapped so you can check your progress towards the last 5 achievements, and the only thing you really need to keep an eye on is your TV every now and then. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not checking the app after a day, and the app force closed. To prevent that from happening, just check back on your TV every hour or so.

ALSO, BE AWARE - Every now and then, you may get a message that will say "Zigged when we should have zagged. Something's gone wrong with this video, please try again soon and check out another video in the meantime." This is unfortunately quite common and can be very frustrating. Which is why I recommended to check on your TV every now and then.

After watching 1 hour worth of video, you'll unlock:

After watching 5 hours worth of video, you'll unlock:

  • Starter

    You've watched 5 hours of videos!

    Discontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.

After watching 10 hours worth of video, you'll unlock:

After watching 25 hours worth of video, you'll unlock:

And last, after watching 50 hours worth of video, you'll unlock:

Thank you for reading my Walkthrough :)

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