Tecmo Bowl Throwback Reviews

  • ChaksanderChaksander123,575
    03 May 2010
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    I played Tecmo Super Bowl for the Sega Genesis when I was a kid and then in college I rediscovered it and had a great time playing it with my friends. Tecmo Bowl Throwback is based on the NES version of the game, but it's still fun, though not quite as feature rich.

    The biggest change in the game is that there's no NFL licensing so the teams are in the cities they were back in 1991 and they generally have the same play styles, but the player names, team logos and colors are all different. I don't really mind it all. The game still plays like tecmo bowl and really it's the gameplay that was so addictive.

    Since the game is based on NFL teams circa 1991, the developers have helpfully included graphs that show how good each team is in different categories so if you don't remember what Houston's team was like in 1991, you'll still be able to judge the team based on the graph.

    If haven't played Tecmo Bowl before I don't know if this game is going to be for you and I would recommend downloading the trial version and giving it a go. Tecmo Bowl is a quirky game, and while that gives it nostalgic appeal, it also can be off-putting to some.

    Single Player: (3 of 5)
    The single player has three modes: preseason, season and all-star. Preseason lets you play any team with any other team.

    Preseason mode is best way most of the achievements since you can play a strong team like San Francisco against a weak one like New England. Preason mode is also fun for a quick no consequences game.

    Season mode with goes through an 18 week regular season (there's sixteen games and two bye weeks) and then the playoffs. Season mode follows the rules of the NFL as far as making the playoffs and winning the championship are concerned. Season mode is fun especially the playoffs where if you lose, then you're out.

    All-star mode: I haven't bothered with all-star mode.

    Overall, the single player doesn't deliver anymore than you would expect it to. You can play a single game or a season and try to win the championship. It's fun, you'll probably on play it until you win the championship and get a feel for the teams that you like. The computer AI hasn't changed so you can expect it to be as good or as bad as you remember.

    Multiplayer(5 of 5):

    For me the multiplayer is where the fun is. You can play local or online multplayer and the experience is the same. Currently (just a few days after the release of the game), there a plenty of people playing the multiplayer and I've had no trouble finding an opponent in ranked matches.

    I love the multiplayer on this game, because while the overall game is simple there's a good bit of strategy that goes into playing other people. If haven't played Tecmo Bowl before you might find playing online a bit daunting since most of the people I've played with thus far have been pretty good.

    One thing that I learned the hard way is that the host of the match determines the graphics mode. So if you join a game instead of creating one you'll be forced to play using the graphics style of the host. If you have a plasma TV like I do, then you don't want to play games with letterboxed content so you'll want to host games so you can use the HD graphics mode and prevent issues with screen burn-in.

    Graphics: (3 of 5):
    Improved graphics mode looks good on my HDTV. The nostalgic graphics mode hasn't been touched and is just as blocky as you remember. My only gripe about the new HD graphics is that all the characters have really plastic features and they reuse a single face for all of the cheerleaders and players. The gameplay graphics more than serviceable however.

    Sound: (3 of 5):
    The sound seems to come straight from the original. It's definitely nothing amazing, but it works and doesn't get old too quickly.

    Achievements(4 of 5):
    The achievements for this game are pretty easy. The only two that should take any time are ones where you have to win a ranked match by 18 points and the one where you need to win the championship. The rest you can knock in a few hours of preseason matches.

    Overall ( 4 of 5):
    For me this game was definitely worth the 800 MSP, but I played the heck out of the original game. If you've never played the original, but can get into the quirky fun that is the gameplay, I think you'll have a great time with this game.

    My only sadness is that I know the MP is going to be dead soon. Luckily, I still have some friends to play some local matches with, so this should still get some use at parties.
  • VaseraxVaserax285,335
    31 Jan 2014 31 Jan 2014
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    If you are an old guy like me you remember having one of the best sports gaming experiences ever with Tecmo Bowl for the NES back in '89. That game featured real NFL players for the first time ever in a video game and whoever had Bo Jackson and Los Angeles was unstoppable. Well... this ain't that game.

    Tecmo Bowl Throwback consists of generic teams roughly based on equivalent teams from the early 90's (ie. Buffalo is great and New England is terrible, unlike today). Despite the new coat of paint graphically, it lacks the soul of old school Tecmo Bowl. The gameplay is similar. Four plays a piece for the run game and pass game. If the defense guesses the play the offense called they blitz and are virtually impossible to gain yardage on. You can rack up absurb scores and should easily be able to win the championship by basically using your same favorite play or two over and over. Unlike the original however, it isn't all that much fun. The lack of licensed NFL stars really makes a difference.

    There is a multiplayer component but it's more a guessing game than one of skill. If two players are familiar with the game it will come down to whoever makes the first mistake or the one who is just tired of playing anymore. Strategy is non-existent. Once you get your online achievements out of the way you probably will never bother with it again.

    Tecmo Bowl Throwback is an OK enough diversion if you see it cheap in the XBox Live Marketplace but otherwise it's probably a pass. It's a joke compared to modern football fare such as Madden and unfortunately misses the mark as a trip down memory lane.
    05 Nov 2011
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    When I was a youngster I had Tecmo Bowl and the small cut scenes when a team would score was awesome but when Tecmo Super Bowl (NES version) came out I was in complete awe of the updated cut scenes. This was also the first sports game I played that tracked stats, I credit this game with my love for tracking stats. I played that game for years, in fact Tecmo Super Bowl was the most played game throughout my youth. I even had each of the three games in the SNES and Genesis. The question here is has the game aged well and does the port do the regular game justice.

    The graffics are exactly what I remember to be, this port gives you the choice to use either the 8 bit or 16 bit graffics. I personally perfer the 8 bit graffics becuase of the nastalgia factor. This game also goes left to right instead of looking from the view of the player.

    The plays are exactly what they were back in the day. Unlike games today you have the choice to have 4 run plays and 4 pass plays. When your not in the middle of the game you have the ability to change them around if you deem necessary. The game seems to pick up your tendancies after a few weeks so I recommend changing them out every few weeks.

    Do to the evil Electronic Arts and their sole rights to the NFL we are not able to have real team and player names. For me it really ruins the experience for me but in the grand sceme of things the played abilities are the same so your not missing much.

    One thing I would have liked to see added to the port is the ability to trade with other teams and to continue season after season. I would have loved to see them use the trading sceme used on Temco Super Bowl 3. In the game, before the season started or during the offseason you had the ability to make trades and to pick up free agents. The way free agency worked was instead of money each player was worth a set amount of points. In order to get a free agent you would have to drop enough points to afford the new player and to refill your now existing spots. I realize this is a port of the original Tecmo Super Bowl but if they could upgrade the graffics to 16 bit and change all the names than they could have added an extra benefit for the players.

    The online community is dead which is a good thing. I bought the game on release day and when someone would get a lead the other player would quit. There is the addition on leader boards, it tracks the best stats in half a dozen categories.

    The achievements of the game are basic but that is all that is really necessary because compared to todays standards it is a basic game. Nothing to hard, winning the Super Bowl can prove to be difficult for some because the AI is much better and their player move much faster than your do. You will also need to find a boosting partner for the online achievements.

    At the end of the day it is a nice game but the fact Tecmo could not get a license for the real players can ruin the experience if you let it. Because EA has the had the sole rights to the NFL I do not hold it against them. The addition to upgraded graffics will make the game better for many people. If your looking for a bunch of modes or do not like side scrolling football games look elseware but to this game this is the most enjoyable football game I ever played.
  • DunderMifflin83DunderMifflin83303,627
    14 Sep 2010
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    A bit of nostalgia comes to the xbox with this title and with this comes a great trip down memory lane. The teams are all there from the Tough 49er's to the lowly Pats. Sure the names of the players are different and the logos sometimes don't make sense, but that doesn't take away from the replay value of this game. I loved the fact that you could go from 3-d'ish graphics to the original pixelated 2-d at the tough of a button. You can play the game 28 complete season and never have the same schedule. At 800 MSP I recommend this title to all sports fans!