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    Let me start off by stating that I am a casual, but passionate, Tekken player who loves getting into Tekken, but not to the point of counting frames and taking away from the fun. I have played Tekken 3, Tag and now Tekken 6 and I can say that I am as happy as ever. If you are looking for higher-level information about the game, one site I have found useful is TekkenZaibatsu.com (http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/tekken6/index.php)

    This is my first review, so please let me know what you did or didn't like about it so I can make my next review that much better.

    The most important thing I want to make clear is that if you have enjoyed previous Tekken games, you will enjoy Tekken 6 as well. You are almost guaranteed to have access to your preferred fighter as well as a few new ones to choose from. The gameplay and controls are very fluid and compliment the stunning HD graphics and silky smooth fighter animations very well.

    Clearing the air about some of the negative press out there...
    I have read numerous articles and forum posts about lag-filled online performance, the lack of coop Scenario Campaign Mode until their FREE DLC is released, etc. While there is truth to these statements, I can say that I have had several positive online matches recently with little to no lag. As for the missing coop mode... I was a little disappointed by this as well, but I do not feel that this is the CORE mode of the game that you should be concerned with. It is a fun & entertaining side-game that WILL get patched. For the time being, it works great in single-player mode and will give us something to look forward to when the free DLC is released.

    If you are new to Tekken or are on the fence about picking up this latest iteration of the game, let's see if we can help you make up your mind.

    What's different about Tekken 6 compared to other fighting games?
    Well, in general, the Tekken series of games tends to rely on simplified input structure where each face button X,Y,A,B is mapped to a limb on the figher. This is great because it makes the game very easy for a novice to pick up and play. Despite the seemingly simplistic controls, a player can dig very deep into the extensive system of combos, throws, parries and more. It isn't odd for a given fighter to have over 100 moves available to choose from. Whereas games like Street Fighter revolve more around arcs, quarter circles and half-moons with the joystick, Tekken games tend to be more about hitting the face buttons in sequence with well-timed rhythms in order to execute well-choreographed juggles which can devastate an opponent if done correctly. With a few exceptions, Tekken doesn't really have to many ranged attacks or projectiles. It is about short to mid range fighting - up close and personal. Having a good arsenal of combos as well as know how and when to block and/or parry is key.

    What do I get with Tekken 6?
    Well, you get a lot. See below for details. I have denoted which modes are Online (on), Offline (off) or both (on/off) to help you out.

    Arcade Battle (off) / Versus Modes (on/off):
    These modes are what Tekken is about. Not scrolling story modes. If you are into fighting games, you want to fight - one-on-one against the CPU or ideally against other players online. You will earn money/gold (G) for each fight - more if you win obviously!
    You can choose from 42 players right off the bat without needing to unlock any characters. Characters can be customized by purchasing items or unlocking them in Scenario Mode.
    The controls are very responsive and the fighter animations are very smoothly animated and look amazing.
    New to Tekken 6 is "Rage" which is basically activated when your health goes below 5%. While in Rage you do extra damage. It isn't quite doubled, but maybe 25%-35% more dame with each hit. In general, I think this is a bit cheap, but I have had some matches with friends, where it kept us on our toes and made us think a little more before we tried to finish someone off. So I can see how this may make fights a little more interesting.
    As expected, offline modes work great and lag free. I did experience a good amount of lag the first night this game game out. it was more of an overall slowdown than choppy lag. Either way it WAS unacceptable. Lately, I have played several more matches online with little to no lag at all. I am not sure if this was due to the traffic online or maybe some fixes have been put in place. Either way, I am sure this will get better with time and this should not prevent you from buying the game.
    Online mode also allows you to upload/download "Ghost" data which is basically a representation of your fighting technique and skill level. What is really cool is that you can download other players' ghost data as well - including your friends! These ghosts can be fought in "Ghost Battle" mode - see further down.
    One last point. Tekken 6 has a ranking system which is new to me, but I think it is well implemented. Even in offline mode, you will occasionally fight a "Ghost" fighter to help evaluate your current ability and appropriately help you rank up. You can only rank up to a certain level offline, though, before you will need to fight online to continue ranking up. It is very addictive playing online and trying to constantly improve your rank.

    Scenario Campaign Mode (off currently / on planned):
    This is the mode that has received a lot of criticism. Think of this like a 3D brawler similar to Streets of Rage of Double Dragon...but in 3D. You fight your way (currently with an AI partner) through various levels and boss fights. You can do many of the same combos as the traditional arcade/vs modes, but the camera and open environment make target and hitting enemies awkward and difficult. As you kill enemies and complete stages, you earn money that can be used to customize your character. Some of these customizations give you bonuses within Scenario Mode like increase health or other special abilities. This mode was planned to allow online coop at launch, but is not currently present. The developers have stated that a patch or free DLC is in the works. Don't get me wrong, this mode is weird, but if you are a Tekken fan, you know this isn't that unusual to find in a Tekken game. The problem is that people expect this to be THE GAME and it isn't. This is a fun, side-game that can be very enjoyable, but has to be taken with a good sense of humor and/or a friend to play along with. Tekken is about 1-1 fighting...not 3D scrolling story mode games.

    Survival Mode (off):
    See how many consecutive enemies you can defeat without dying. You will get a small amount of health added on after each win.

    Team Battle (off, but I hope for online as well):
    Choose up to 8 characters for your team and go up against the AI's team of 8 characters. Last one standing wins!

    Ghost Battle (off):
    This is interesting. "Ghosts" are CPU controlled characters that are based on the fighting styles of real-life online fighters - including your friends. You can download Ghosts of any player online who has uploaded their recent Ghost data. This mode was very fun for me as it seemed a little more challenging as you progress and not as robotic as the standard CPU fighters.

    Other Misc Notes:
    • Some of the main CG Animations Are very high quality, but can be a little lengthy with confusing plot lines. All unlocked media can be accessed through a Gallery.
    • Final Boss is very challenging (if not cheap) for an average fighter like myself, but that just gives you a reason to improve.
    • Tons of character customizations should allow everyone to have their own unique fighter, BUT there is no full-fledged "create a character" like some other games have.
    • [UPDATE 11/6/09]: I recommend purchasing the strategy guide if you are a casual player who is looking to dig deeper into the game. I bought it and can say that the 300+ guide is well worth the $20 or less you might pay for it. In addition to the expected moves lists, scenario campaign walkthrough, etc...it also goes into some of the core techniques that are essential to improving your skills. Some of those things I wasn't even aware of but found very interesting - like Wall Run Kicks, Electric Side Stepping (can't do it, but sounds great!), parrying/reversing tips, Wave Dashing. It also discusses the strengths ad weaknesses of each character and how to best utilize your chosen fighter.
    • Load times are supposedly long, but I installed Tekken to my Xbox 360 right away. I wouldn't say load times are FAST, but they are definitely tolerable.
    • As my friend, Tigger 360, added...the SFIV Tournament Stick does work well with Tekken 6 and is easier for pulling off some moves as compared to the standard controller, BUT the standard controller is definitely usable - at least it was for me.

    In summary...
    If you like 3D fighters (especially if you have enjoyed previous Tekken games) you won't be disappointed with Tekken 6. The core fighting modes of the game are near perfect. Some blemishes the game may have are sure to go away as time goes by.
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    10 Oct 2013
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    I’ve been playing Tekken since the original game on the PS1 had Galaga as a playable loading screen, so when I tell you that Tekken 6 is one of the best in the series, you better well damn believe it. Tekken 6 is an amazing experience with only a few snags that keep it from being the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

    Not that a fighting game needs a story or anything, but Tekken 6 tries to piece together something. Basically, Jin Kazama has taken control of the Mishima Zaibatsu and is looking to take over the world. In charge of the Mishima, Jin essentially declares war on every other nation. Now this ticks his father, Kazuya, off and these events lead up to the formation of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. Around the globe fighters come together in an effort to take Jin down. There’s more to each character’s individual plot than that, but that’s up for players to discover. All gamers really need to know is that Tekken 6 offers a serviceable story that sets the stage for the battles that follow.
    For starters, Tekken fans will be pleased to know that this release holds over 40 fighters. Some newcomers are available and the home release of the game includes additional content that wasn’t available in the arcades. New fighters like Alisa, Lars, and Leo help flesh out the ranks, though this reviewer does have to admit that Bob and Miguel are not the greatest. There’s even another version of Jack for this sequel as well, so his fans have something worth cheering about. No matter how many characters the game has, though, the thing that stands out the most is the fact that every fighter stands alone in regards to techniques. There are no Ken or Ryu clones like the Street Fighter series keeps pumping out. The characters in Tekken are wholly unique.
    As is the case with any fighting game, Tekken 6 lives or dies by its various modes. Just having an Arcade mode and Versus mode simply does not cut it these days, and the creators of the franchise have realized that. Sure both of those perennial favorite play types are included here, but online matches, a campaign mode, and other customization features help keep gamers coming back for more. Throughout each mode, the core gameplay remains roughly the same, and though there are a few tweaks, longtime fans will likely feel right at home. This installment of Tekken feels very much like the last, for better or worse.
    Players who haven’t stepped into the Tekken arena before should note that this franchise is all about memorizing combos, having perfect timing, and juggling your opponent. Sometimes battles are one-sided and when novices are facing a skilled player it will feel as if they might as well just put the controller down and walk away. The battle system takes a lot of practice and getting used to, so it’s suggested that you step into the Practice mode first to pick up some skills and attack combinations. This is only a place to start though, and after figuring out the basics it’s advisable to tackle the Ghost mode for additional training time. With the addition of bounce moves and a rage feature, you’ll definitely want to take your time with your preparations.

    The Arcade mode pits you against a tier of the game’s fighters and inevitably throws you up against a ridiculously powerful end-boss. This hulking monstrosity is arguably the cheapest boss to come about in quite some time, even giving Seth from Street Fighter IV a run for his money. His moves are simply too powerful, he ignores all of your attacks, and everything he does is virtually unblockable. Needless to say this guy makes the Arcade mode more frustrating than it’s worth, even on the easiest difficulty setting.

    Graphics have always been a strong suit in the Tekken series. Even Tekken 1 had revolutionary 3D graphics back in it’s day. The developers haven’t dissappointed us even 15 years later. The graphics are crisp, colorful and extremely detailed. Each character has a unique look, and the depth of detail on their outfits and hair styles is unmatched in 3D fighting games. I have yet to see a 3D fighter come close to looking as good as Tekken. The backgrounds are equally beautiful. Ripples in water look totally real, smoke in the background seems like its closing in on the fighters, and the crowd in the background has a lot of detail. Namco did a phenomenal job with the lighting, character models, and effects. The game is simply gorgeous.
    Sound and music have also been a strong suit in the Tekken series. I still remember the theme song from Tekken 3, it was that catchy. The background music is always well suited to the stage you are at, and the sounds are never off key. The voice acting in the story mode is ok. Some of the characters voices do not suit them. For example, Julia, the aboriginal girl, sounds Russian. It may have been the conversion from Japanese to English. The Japanese voice actors sound really serious which suits the characters, and a lot of the voice actors from the previous games have stayed on for Tekken 6.
    Tekken 6 is a great overall package for fighting game fans. It’s chock full of a variety of characters to practice with and master. Offline, the fighting is fluid and fast paced. I just wish that Namco focused more on fixing the online kinks instead of including that clunky and unnecessary Scenario Campaign. Unlocking extras and telling a good story can be done just fine in the standard Arcade Mode. (See Blazblue: Calamity Trigger). Hopefully the next installment will be “TEKKEN” to the next level. I know…that joke was awesome.

    Tekken 6 is a triumph of next generation gaming and adds a lot more depth to what could have been a cut-and-dry fighting game.

    And if nothing else, it shows us that half-naked robo-babes and skirmishes with wharfies can be a suitable substitute for the (sometimes exotic) psychotropic treatment of amnesia.
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    (apologies for some of the fighting game jargon used in advance).

    Tekken 6 (or Tekken 6BR as it is more accurately considered, having Lars and Alisa included) is a deep game. The character roster is large, and most of these characters have completely unique movesets. This allows for a lot of variety to the game, dependant on the time a player is willing to invest in it. Gameplay can be very rewarding, and entertaining, but also in some situations very frustrating.

    So it could be argued that the biggest problem with the game is balance. Balancing of the fighting gameplay and balancing of the characters.

    The imbalance of the fighting gameplay revolves around the combo system Tekken 6 uses. Characters have various moves (launchers) that can initiate unblockable combinations of attacks (combos) against their opponents. The problem arises in that some of these launchers are very abuseable (ie. quick to use, cannot be punished greatly), and that any resultant combo can do considerable damage, in part due to the 'bound' system Tekken 6 introduces which can elongate combo's even further. So while damage can be done with regular attacks, weighting of the fighting can aim too often toward trying to launch a combo off the opponent. The balancing issues of the launchers -and the damage the resultant combo's can do- are some of the major issues to the character imbalances.

    The character imbalances of Tekken 6 can be seen more clearly in playing the online modes, against randomly matched opponents. Through continued play, a set roster of characters will start to emerge, and respective playstyles will repeatedly be used. These vary from untalented players picking characters like Alisa, Lilli and the capoeira characters Christie & Eddy (referred to collectively as Chreddy because their movesets are identical), endlessly 'spamming' (repeating) the same strings of attacks, regardless of the response their opponent delivers.

    Similarly, characters such Bob, Lars and Bryan will be picked by better players, who can rely on an enviable supply of abuseable and effective moves, as well as highly damaging combo sets.
    What this actually means is, depending on your own selection, beating such opponents can be a frustrating experience, losing even more so.

    However, to put it into context, Tekken 6 is a vastly more balanced game than the street fighter 4 series, in that a majority of characters can be played in different ways, and have moves for all situations (as a comparative example, SF4 Chun Li needs an EX bar to be able to perform an effective anti-air wake up move).
    So in conclusion, for the maximum enjoyment it is best played with people you know, of a similar skill level.

    ps. Tekken Tag 2 is now available and is considered even better.
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    Gameplay, looks & sound are fairly spot on. Scenario mode is where I spent most of my time, though you need to go in to the options to use all the proper moves, otherwise you can only use moves & combo's that come from the face buttons alone, I didn't find this until towards the end, the very last stage infact.. also a new feature, is a rage system, which kicks in when your down to your last 5-10% of health, it boosts your attacks to make a comeback, and it works both ways..
    Customisation is back, though it's good to use one costume for Scenario, the other for everything else, as Scenario mode you work from stats that come with clothing items you pick up rather than buy in the shop, and could look really stupid. one thing that it could do with is a customisable filter to sell your weaker gear in each stat.
    Online works a treat when it works, but to my experience was full of skill-less spammers & button bashers. when you get a good opponent it's great, win or lose.
    My only 'short term' gripe with Tekken 6, is the bonus stage 'boss' & the final boss, they are so rediculously cheap & overpowered, I found no satisfaction is actually beating them. You get used to them, getting you own tactic down, cheap seems to work best for Azazel, and the 'bonus stage' boss I've only ever defeated using Jack-6
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    Tekken 6

    I've been a fan of the Tekken series since the PS1 days. I have always found it to be a more fluid fighting game then say Street Fighter or Mortal Combat.

    Now I am able to have Tekken on the 360!

    The core of the games achievements are centered around the Scenario mode. This is sort of like the quest mode in Soul Caliber. It has some story elements to it. Think of it like a 3D Double Dragon. When there is multiple enemies on the screen it is hard to line up your shots on them at first. You earn items while playing in the mode that can customize your character. You also earn money to buy items for your character. This mode is OK might spend some time in it to see what story elements are there.

    The arcade mode (offline) is your standard ladder fight to the end boss. It seems pretty short to me but that could depend on the default settings. Seemed like it didn't take long to reach the end boss. The end boss is probably one cheap final bosses I have come across. One of those types that you take on with the same plan for every character to beat.

    There is online fight which played fine for me but other people have complained about lag but I had no problems.

    Then there is your Survival mode, Team Battle and Practice mode.

    I like the game more then the Last Street Fighter but I am partial to the Tekken Series. I like the fact that the roster is huge.

    Over all it is a good game. Probably should of rented it first before I bought it but still i should get my money's worth out of it.