Tekken 6 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hi there, Ackter here. Welcome to the Tekken 6 walkthrough. First some words from the original owner, BulgyDragonZord:

"Overall Difficulty For Completion Of This Game: 5/10

The purpose for this Walkthrough is to guide you to earning all of the achievements on this game.

Firstly, before we even start anywhere, I would like to thank Namco for doing the most incredible job of putting a Tekken game onto the XBox 360! It was the one thing that saved me from picking up a Playstation 3 (no offence).

Tekken 6 is a Fighting Game developed by Namco Bandai and, as you guessed from the previous comment, it is the first game in it's series to be released on the XBox 360, and a different format, other than the Arcades and the Playstation Consoles.

The game has had a major update from its previous titles. It features a vast selection of characters you can choose from, each of them with their own Story which you can discover by playing through the Arcade Mode or Scenario Arena. It has larger Stages you can battle in, a Scenario Campaign Mode which places the character you are playing in a Third Person view allowing you to advance in stages, kind of like Streets of Rage. It has a money currency called G's which you use to buy equipment and clothing to customize your characters (and boost their stats in Scenario Mode). Also, as expected, it has a popular multiplayer mode which allows you to take your fights online via XBox Live.

The game has a total of 50 Achievements worth 1000G Gamerscore! Of all of the achievements 45 of them can be earned with or without XBox Live. The other 5 achievements need to be earned online, but they can be done by yourself or with a partner."

Thanks to BulgyDragonZord for those words.

Right, the way this walkthrough will be set out is as follows:

1. Offline Mode

2. Scenario Campaign

3. Scenario Campaign Arena

4. Online Mode

This way, you'll at least have a decent chance of knowing enough about your chosen character to stand a chance online. It should take between 15 and 30 hours to get the full 1000G, depending on previous Tekken experience.

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