Tekken 6 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

Online Tips:

Practice, practice, practice. You're going to lose - a lot - but every loss is a chance to learn a little more about your character and how s/he fares against the others in the roster. If you don't feel right using a character, switch to another until you find someone you like the feel of, then stick with them until you're a Tekken god.

Offline Tips:

Pretty much the same as above, except it'll be much easier (comparatively). There are also a few things you can do in the options to lower the difficulty considerably and these will be mentioned in the walkthrough.

Scenario Tips:

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Items will be dropping left, right and centre throughout this mode (which you can boost even further with certain items). Keep checking between stages to see if you can improve your setup.

During any collapsing floor section of the Scenario Campaign, the best way to proceed is to knock someone down and then slam them (Lars’ combo of XXXX slams the floor on the final hit if the opponent is down) and the floor will collapse, killing every other enemy that falls down with it.

When facing the Formidables, it’s best to have one person distract and the other attack from behind. It’s almost always beneficial to double team every opponent you find, just remember to time your attacks to keep up a barrage of blows.

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