Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

There aren't a lot of tips that I can give you, because everybody has other ways and styles to win a fight.

If you don't feel comfortable to move with the D-Pad (cn_dpad), then go in Main menu to options -> controller settings, pick "key assignment" (the option in the middle), Press and hold the cn_LS Button, and move with the D-Pad to the "Movement" option. So you also can move with the cn_LS Button! Or just set the buttons and settings, how you like it and what's best for you.

If you are about to loose a match in Ghost-Battle mode, press the Start (cn_start) button quickly and just quit out, it won't count as a loss.

If you have to choose the next opponent(s) in Ghost Mode, and if the background is lightning yellow, pick those opponents because if you win, you will get a lucky box which means you have a high chance to get an Endmovie.

If you think you are good enough to play Solo, then you will get a lot of bonus damage, even more if you're in Wrath-mode. But I wouldn't recommend it because it will be very hard to get 30.

Always practice, and keep your control-input in your mind. Maybe you will invent a good/perfect combo. :)

Now lets go knocking off the Achievements!

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