Telling Lies Reviews

  • I The WiseI The Wise241,690
    22 Jun 2022 22 Jun 2022
    13 7 0
    This is barely a video game. This is more of a 6 hour long movie you partly watch, in the wrong order.

    You control a cursor on a computer screen, that is the gameplay element, but all you do is watch Skype/Facetime and hidden camera clips. There is an interesting story unfolding the more videos you watch, but at the end of it there is no pay off. There is no mystery to solve, no puzzle element, no endgame.
    Telling Lies is classified as a visual novel so it wouldn't be fair to expect a lot from the gameplay, but I did expect some sort of mystery to solve, maybe some puzzling with the clips or some test if the player remembered who's who, for example. The game just ends after you uploaded all of the videos you watched (or clicked on and didn't watch). After which you can view a report showing you what keywords you searched most, what characters you found most interesting and stuff like that. That is it.
    If you want easy gamerscore, you should play this. There is a list of keywords and typing them all in pretty much gives you the bulk of the achievements. It will take an hour or two. But if you do not care about that, there isn't much reason to play this game. I give Telling Lies a couple of stars for the acting and the characters, but that's all that this game is worth. There is really nothing else to it.

    I recommend this game to people who don't really want to play, but want to experience a story in a sort of creative way, and/or to people who want an easy 1000G. I don't recommend this game to people who want to play an actual game. If you enjoyed games like Dear Esther, A Memoir Blue or Virginia, you might want to try this. If you found those games boring, you would probably want to avoid Telling Lies.
  • HotToes4U2CHotToes4U2C326,725
    22 Apr 2022 02 May 2022
    11 11 0
    Very cool story, definitely my type of game. I'd rate it higher if it wasn't so damn expensive for what's in the game. None of the game is animated for what that's worth. The actors are very talented. I loved the story, had me watching some of the videos for fun. Spent around 30-45 minutes paying attention to story, the other hour and a half for achievements. This really doesn't seem like a game (definitely not a $20 one) but more like a movie. Enjoyed it nonetheless. Don't recommend buying it, but if it's on game pass, definitely take the time to complete it.