Telltale Games' Poker Night 2 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Today we will be going through the achievements for Poker Night 2. The reason why I bought this game was because of the Borderlands 2 Achievements skins and the Avatar Awards. I'd never played poker before but now I am! I won't gamble but I love the game. Whether you're a fellow Borderlands 2 fan, avid poker player or just want achievements this guide will help you get some cool skins for Borderlands 2, gain all of the achievements and make you a better player. Just don't gamble something valuable in real life because if you lose it, you can't dashboard and start over.

This game does not have a story mode. You're just playing in tournaments. A tournament is actually just a five player game in which the last man standing wins, not a bracket-style type of tournament. Why Telltale Games uses that term I do not know. However, your overall earnings accumulate after each tournament.

This is a completely offline single-player game. Most of the achievements are only based on winning tournaments while others you just have to unlock and activate chips, felt, and decks. This game might take a while to complete. I say around 15 hours which is including play-time (as you have the actual playing of poker and the AI characters preventing you from making your move because of their conversations or taking a while to make their move), dashboarding & restarting (if you lose a hand) or maybe you're playing the right way instead of going ‘All-In’ every turn.

Regardless, completing this game is do-able in a day. It's just very annoying when the characters start making witty comments instead of making their move or you're about to win and the AI somehow gets an "out of nowhere" hand that beats yours.

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