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    10 Dec 2016 11 Dec 2016
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    Tennis in The Face
    Published and Developed by: 10tons Ltd
    Price £3.99
    Release Date: Out Now

    I would appreciate feedback, good or critical will be welcome. This review is my opinion, as is the score. So if you agree or disagree, please let me know.

    I think it's safe to assume that 10tons have been the busiest developer this year. The Finnish Devs have released enough games to keep Indie game fans busy for quite some time. Not forgetting to mention that their games are generally well received. This time, it's the turn of Tennis in the Face to get to grips with, which follows a very similar formula to Baseball Riot.

    You assume the role of Peter Pagassi. Wonder who that's a name play on. Shouldn't be too hard for most people. The concept is simple, use tennis balls or cans of a fizzy soda drink to hit people with to complete the level. But to add some trickery, platforms, glass, vending machines and an assortment of objects to interact with that can set off chain reactions to destroy most items within a level, and you have what can be described as a rather fun game. Given the difficulty in most 10tons games, Tennis in the Face is relatively easy and won't present too much of a challenge.

    The layout of the world hub is strikingly similar to recent title King Oddball. Ok, it's pretty much an exact copy. But it works and makes navigating the level selection a breeze. Completing a level unlocks those around it, so level order is really down to which levels you unlock first. Speaking of levels, there are over 100 served up for you Tennis in the Face antics.

    The story, yes there is a story, is the evil corporate monster company Explodz has a grip on the city and its your job to save the citizens. Nestled away in the game is a level where you have to defeat the 10tons team as well. This is achievement related, so make sure to get this done. The characters you for range from a Hazmat suit wearing professor, riot police, a Where's Wally/Waldo lookalike and more. Ragdoll physics are in full effect and depending on where the ball strikes them, this dictates how they react. It is possible to create chain reactions and earn you a crown for your trouble. Not that you need to earn a crown on every level to proceed.

    Story: The evil corporation must be destroyed saving the city. Nothing groundbreaking in all honesty, but this doesn't detect from the fun involved in taking down Explodz as you smash tennis balls and cans of Explodz around the levels. It's quite therapeutic really. Short narrative between levels and districts progress the minimalistic story. Which is a good thing as it allows you to keep plugging away.

    Music/FX: A rock soundtrack greets you at the Main Menu, and fits the game well. Nothing that you would recognise however, but still good enough for those who prefer that genre. Tennis balls being served, the smacks as the hit people, glass and other objects are spot on.

    Gameplay: Very easy to use, as in you could play one handed if need be. Aim the target reticule, and press the button to serve. Then watch as you create mayhem. As simple as it can get.

    Replayability: Tennis in the Face will last as long as it takes you to complete it really. The asking price is a major selling point, and given that it doesnt ask too much of you, it will be a fairly simple 1000g to add to your gamertag. A shortish grind will be required.

    Achievements: Thankfully, you won't need to get a perfect score on every level. There are a couple that may be frustrating will be defeating 10tons team and 100 bounces. Luckily there are guides in place for every achievement should you just be out for the 1000g. Grinding out 1,000,000 points on the main menu. But you can just idle boost this. All in all, a relatively straightforward completion with well thought out achievements.

    A copy was provided for review purposes.
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    06 Dec 2016
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    Tennis in the Face is a puzzle game available on Xbox One and costs £3.99 (10% discount available to 15th December 2016) developed and published by 10tons.

    Here is the press release:

    Tennis in the Face is a hilarious physics based puzzle game, where a former tennis star Pete Pagassi must save the city from a corrupt energy drink manufacturer Explodz Inc. This is done by knocking out Explodz fueled goons in more than 120 levels. Tennis in the Face is the prequel to Baseball Riot, so fans of that game should definitely enjoy this! Differences between the games are found in scoring and Tennis in the Face also features two "ammo" types, tennis ball and Explodz can (which... explodz!). The Xbox One version of Tennis in the Face includes 24 new levels not found on other platforms.

    Having previously played and finished 10tons other similar title; 'Baseball Riot' I had a inkling of what to expect from this game and what I expected I certainly got from the game.

    You basically are a tennis player (Pete Pagassi) who has to defeat certain types of enemies in each of the levels covering 8 different areas to progress through the levels to save the city (as per the press release) This is done by aiming off walls and ceilings and hoping that your judgement is good to destroy the enemies.

    The gameplay is very simple with you only needing to use the left thumbstick or d-pad to move the cursor where your ball or explodz cans will go then A or triggers to fire the ball or cans. Its that simple but easy for anyone to pick up,

    Amending your shot slightly may be needed to progress in each level but one thing I certainly found from this game in regard to progress and achievements is that it seemed a lot easier to destroy the enemies and there wasn't much replaying of certain levels as I had destroyed all enemies within 2 or 3 retries if needed. This certainly gave the game a relaxed feel to it and one to nicely progress.

    The rock music in this game fits in really well with this type of gameplay and you definitely notice it in the background which adds to the enjoyment of the game as you are working your way through the levels.

    Graphics wise they are quite basic and not a lot to right home about, its your standard cartoon type graphics but don't really add or subtract from the game, the backgrounds are well presented and the enemies well designed and you may notice similarities from the previous baseball riot.

    The achivements vary across the different areas so you need to complete most of the levels to achieve them (Some good guides here on TA) None of the achievements are really difficult but there is a little luck in some of them as you will find out (especially the 10tons crew one). There is also one achievement that needs a little grind, but overall I found nothing too difficult and managed to complete the game in roughly 5-6 hours (2 hours for the grind achievement) Some may do it a lot quicker if they get lucky.

    Overall I did enjoy this game and certainly brought a smile to my face if I had been stuck on a level for a while when I did manage to pass it or an even bigger smile when I defeated the 10tons crew for which I had spent a good amount of time. The music suits the game really well and this is a really good game to purchase at a good low price which I enjoyed and will certainly be looking out for future 10tons games.

    Give it a go I think you may be very surprised at how good it is.

    I have streamed this game to my twitch channel at please take a look and follow as its most appreciated.