2. Terminator Resistance General hints and tips

If you’ve played COD and/or Battlefield games, the controls will be very similar, except you use cn_Y to melee. There are 3 Presets in the Control Scheme in the Options tab on the pause screen. Change it if you’d prefer. This WT uses the 1st Control Scheme default.

There will be moments throughout where stealth is the best answer, even on easy difficulty, but most of the walkthrough will be spent on destroying all the machines with little trouble if any. As I hinted at in the overview, in the first encounter you’ll have with a T-800, at best you’ll have either a Remington Shotgun or M16 Rifle. As seen in the movies, they don’t do much to them. There will be other moments where you’re running and actively firing at various machines. I’ll label these as Run-N-Gun missions. They don’t need a walkthrough, so have at it!

This game is one of those “tailored to how you play” games, as your choices affect the ending. If you just care for the achievements, then rest easy. No choice you make will prevent you from completing the game. My walkthrough covers the best ending, though!

Through the entire campaign, you’ll be scavenging anything you can get your hands on, such as:

Trade Resources – Currency of the game. It accumulates slowly, but if you’re scavenging everywhere you go, you won’t need to use it. I only bought 1 item and it was a Skynet Plasma VSB-90, 2nd Gen machine gun. You’ll see why in the walkthrough.

Crafting Parts – Fabrics, Electric Parts, Chemical Compounds, Energy Cells, Metal Scraps, Explosive Materials. Use these to craft useful items when you find a crafting table. There will be at least 1 in every hideout and shelter and a couple scattered throughout every map.

Ammo - Small/Medium Caliber Ammo, Shotgun Shells, Red/Violet Plasma Cells. Self-explanatory. If you scavenge everywhere you’ll never run out.

Notes – These are scattered throughout the maps from people’s depictions on what was going on during Judgment Day. It’s 32 total in the game and you only need 10 for the 2 achievements tied to them. I put all 32 in the walkthrough, so feel free to check them out.

*General rule of thumb: kill a machine, salvage it by pressing cn_X to search, then cn_X again for Take All.

*Scavenge everywhere! You never know when you need it.


Even though it’s a small campaign, you still have skills that you get better with as you move forward. You can’t finish the game without upgrading most of these skills, and if you do every side quest, you’ll reach the maximum level before you finish the game.

  • There’s a level system. When you level up, you’re awarded a skill point. You get XP from killing any Skynet force, completing main/side quests, hacking, lockpicking, and crafting. Additionally, there will be Skill Points you can find in various areas during your campaign. There are 33 total skill points you need if you want to fully upgrade everything.

There are 3 skill categories (Combat, Science, and Survival) and 3 sub-categories in each. I listed them below next to their overall importance. But I also listed exactly what I did with the skill point in the walkthrough.


  1. Stealth – Makes you harder to detect. This skill I’d upgrade near the end of the campaign. It doesn’t do much justice at all, honestly. (3 upgrade points)
  2. Weapons – Makes your weapons stronger and allows you to use Skynet’s plasma weaponry, besides the ones that are given to you by NPCs. Full upgrade doubles your critical damage. This one is arguably the most important one to put skill points into after lockpicking and hacking since the plasma weapons are critical for the Terminators. But not early though. Still have to get to certain levels to be able to use plasma weapons (5 upgrade points)
  3. Explosives – Strengthens explosives damage, and can disarm laser traps. Mildly important as laser traps will be more common as you go, and pipe grenades are extremely effective. (3 upgrade points)


  1. Lockpicking – In Fallout-apocalyptic style, open locked doors and boxes. The first skill you should upgrade. It needs to be upgraded fully before we get to Pasadena a second time for a missable achievement, and it’s necessary for a ton of doors (3 upgrade points).
    • There is such a thing as Force Lockpick where, depending on your lockpick skill, you can push cn_Y and the force chance at the bottom of your screen determines the chance you have at auto-opening the door. The door lockpick difficulty and your lockpick skill will determine how hard it is. A failure will destroy the lockpick. Don’t force if you don’t have many.
  2. Crafting – Be able to craft multiple items. If you scavenge enough parts, you can craft anything depending on your craft skill level. I upgraded this skill last. (5 upgrade points)
  3. Hacking – Either making a plasma turret friendly, opening Skynet Gates, opening electronic boxes, or corrupting computers. Next most important skill to upgrade.
    • Just like the lockpick, there's a "Bruteforce" option for force hacking. Your chance for a successful hacking depends on your hack level, the difficulty of the hack, and Skynet chip power (you'll salvage a lot of chips from fallen machines to use for this and for plasma weapon upgrades). If you fail to hack, you’ll be mildly electrified. (3 upgrade points)


  1. Backpack – Carry more items. You won’t get full until the middle of the campaign. Afterwards, it depends on what you choose to have with you. Besides the (pistol and SMG) every weapon will take up 2 slots in your inventory, but when you equip plasma weapons, you won’t need non-plasma weapons, except the Rocket Launcher. (3 upgrade points)
  2. Toughness – Increases your Defense. Somewhat useful but comes after lockpicking, hacking, and weapons. The last upgrade gives health regen. (5 points)
  3. Fast Learner – Increases XP. We'll be upgrading this early, but not as important as lockpicking and hacking. (3 upgrade points)


Skynet will throw every machine it has at you. You’ve seen most of them before.

Spider Scout – The easiest enemy you’ll face. 2-4 pistol shots will destroy these. Will always be more than 1 in an area.

Armored Spider – Spider Scout’s big brother. There are crits on its front red-eye and on its back.

Scout Drone – Flying machine that surveys areas. Easy to kill.

Armored Drone – Same as Scout Drone but will have armor that it opens and closes. More defensive.

Silverfish – Worm-like machines that hide in “plain sight” and act as landmines or homing landmines. If it sees you or you startle it, it charges at you and explodes. Easy to kill if it’s not moving.

Plasma Turret – Immobile machines that fire at you. The 1st ones you see will have Red Plasma ammo and be easier than their big brother, Violet Plasma turrets, which are more defensive and stronger. They can’t hear anything, though. Most of them I hacked during the campaign as they really help to turn the tide and reserve ammo if you run low.

T-800 – The Schwarzenegger classic of T1, T2, Genisys, and Dark Fate. Very tough if we’re talking bullets. Plasma ammo will destroy them in seconds. Do not face them head-on without them. Carries 1 Red Plasma Rifle.

T-808 Flamer – T-800 but with a flamethrower as its weapon. Shooting in its abdomen area (sometimes) or its back usually blows up the tank on its back.

T-820 – More armor than T-800. Carries 1 Violet Plasma Rifle

T-825 – Identical armor to T-820. Carries 2 Red Plasma Rifles

T-825V – Same armor as T-825. Carries 2 Violet Plasma Rifles.

T-850 – The classic Schwarzenegger infiltrator of T3 due to its heavy armor to withstand plasma weaponry. Very tough regardless of any weapon you use (until you get Violet Plasma weapons)

T-47 – A big Mech-like machine. 1st ones you see will have miniguns, and the others with “Plasma” in front of T-47 will have Red Plasma weapons. When its health gets to about 75%, it will start firing rockets. You’ll see a red targeting laser when it is about to. Get behind cover. Its face is a good crit to keep aiming at.

HK Aerial – Classic Hunter Killers. Has Red Plasma weapons and rockets. Any plasma weapons or rockets can hurt it, but I wouldn’t shoot Red Plasma weapons at it. It’ll take a long time.

HK Tank – The building-sized machines with the traction of a tank. Has 4 machine guns. All of its working lights are crits, and so is the red spot on its back. Shooting its upper body with a rocket will stun it for 5 seconds.


I will briefly go over this. At first, you’ll have the M1911 pistol. Then you’ll have an Uzi SMG, then an M16 Rifle, and then a Remington Shotgun. You’ll be given your first plasma weapon from Baron eventually and you won’t use any of those weapons again. You’ll either get your Violet Plasma weapon from Mack or off a destroyed Terminator (if you follow my walkthrough).

Miscellaneous Weapons

Termination Knife – An engineered knife capable of destroying any Terminator by sneaking up behind it and using it. cn_RT will pop up near their neck when you’re close enough. The only way to stealth-kill Terminators.

Laser-Guided RL-43 – Rocket Launcher. Has a laser sight that guides the missiles. You’ll be using this against the HK Tank, HK Aerial, and whatever else you want to use it for.

Offensive Slot Throwables

Laser Trap - Device that creates a laser and explodes upon anything that breaks its line of sight

Sticky Bomb - Plant these C4-like items in an area and you can detonate them all at the same time

Pipe Grenade – The basic grenade of the game. Does a lot of damage

Can Grenade – The big brother of pipe grenades. More powerful, but rarer

Sound Decoy – Use these to attract Silverfish in the area to it. If they didn’t move toward the sound decoy when you throw it, it’s not close enough

Defensive Slot Items

Medkit – Heals you. Medkit 1 heals you a little, and Medkit 2 heals a lot.

Slow-Mo Stimulant – Slows time temporarily for about 20 seconds. I didn’t use any stimulant. You don’t need them.

Painkilling Stimulant – Increases endurance for 30 seconds

Speed Stimulant – Increases running speed for about 30 seconds. This one can be useful, but you don’t need it.

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