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Terraria's Patch 1.3 Coming by the End of the Year

Terraria's patch 1.3 has been a long time coming... over a year at this point. There's finally a light at the end of the tunnel and the patch should release before the end of the year.

Posted 1 month ago by Kevin Tavore, 15 comments

Terraria Trailer with Expert Mode and Treasure Bags Released

As we fast approach the anticipated release of the 1.3 patch, Pipeworks Studio released a new trailer that shows Expert Mode and Treasure Bags for the upcoming patch.

Posted 2 months ago by Dave Bricker, 6 comments

Two Of The Terraria Team Talk About Upcoming Update

Naturally for something that has taken nine months, Terraria players are going to have questions about what's happening with the 1.3 update. Luckily, Liz Lambert and Zach Cieslinski from Pipeworks sat down to answer some.

Posted 3 months ago by Andy Mills, 14 comments

Weekend Headlines August 4th-6th: Madden NFL 18, Wolfenstein II and More

Following on from the five announcements comes a list of details, videos and updates that were released over the weekend. Take a look and see what you might have missed.

Posted 5 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 2 comments

Terraria Update On Patch 1.3's Progress In New Gameplay Video

A short preview of Title Update1.3 has been released with Pipeworks' QA tester Liz Lambert and associate producer Zach Cieslinski showcasing the new Alchemy table, potions, and the user interface.

Posted 6 months ago by Ashley Woodcock, 5 comments

Terraria Console Update 1.3 Will Add Buckets of Dyes

The latest Terraria gameplay showcase for console update 1.3 reveals a rainbow of new dyes that will be added to the sandbox adventure game later this year.

Posted 7 months ago by Lucy Wood, 8 comments

Terraria Upcoming 1.3 Update Trailer

Terraria creators Pipeworks Studio posted a new trailer featuring the 1.3 update patch. A lot of changes are expected to be added.

Posted 7 months ago by Dave Bricker, 10 comments

Xbox Game Pass Starts Today for Gold Members

Xbox has launched the official trailer showing that GamesPass, giving us access to the final full list of games that are coming, including many Xbox 360 titles.

Posted 8 months ago by Claudio Barata, 253 comments

Terraria Showcases Its 1.3 Update

Pipework Studios, the developer now in charge of Terraria, has released a new video showcasing the gameplay, weapons, items, and more to come in title update 1.3 for the Xbox One and mobile versions of the game.

Posted 8 months ago by Ashley Woodcock, 6 comments

Pipeworks Shows Off Terraria's 1.3 Console Update Progress

In the last news we heard about Terraria, development of the Xbox One and PS4 versions had been handed over from Engine Studios to Pipeworks Software.

Posted 8 months ago by Kelly Packard, 8 comments