Tesla vs Lovecraft

Tesla vs Lovecraft

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Tesla vs Lovecraft Achievements

Most Earned

Find Inventions
Find Inventions15 (15)Found Tesla Backpack
Baby Steps
Baby Steps101 (100)Learnt the nuts & bolts of playing
Deep One, Two, Three
Deep One, Two, Three15 (15)123 deep ones have died.
War Pigeon
War Pigeon95 (90)Recovered Mech

Least Earned

Wardenclyffe Victory III
Wardenclyffe Victory III199 (90)Saved the world by activating the Wardenclyffe.
Wardenclyffe Victory II
Wardenclyffe Victory II170 (90)Saved the world by activating the Wardenclyffe.
That's no squid
That's no squid56 (30)Repelled 100 Tentacles
Crystal Rain
Crystal Rain42 (30)Collected 100 crystals
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