Teslagrad Reviews

  • JHunzJHunz327,060
    06 Oct 2019
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    Teslagrad is a puzzle platformer based on the idea of polarity & magnetism. The Metroidvania tag it has on it here is somewhat of a misnomer - while there are upgrades you get (mostly after boss fights) which let you do things you couldn't before, you basically never need to backtrack and use a new upgrade in an old area unless you're going for 100% completion.

    Most of the puzzles are fairly enjoyable, at least the first time you solve them. Unfortunately, if you do choose to backtrack for full completion, you'll find yourself re-solving many of them to get through the room you already solved. Some of them you'll be able to do faster, others you'll just have to slog through exactly the same way you did before.

    Unfortunately, I found the boss fights (there are 5 total) to be truly terrible compared to the rest of the game. Each boss has a variety of attacks that will instakill you in various ways. You'll nearly always be instakilled the first time it uses it, go back through the fight up to that point again until you solve it, then be killed by the next one until you solve it, etc. Each fight wears out its welcome long before you get through the third cycle of attacks and finally finish it off.

    And as one final note for achievement hunters - the achievements seem really buggy. I had to quit and replay a room a few times to actually get the achievement for the scroll there, and I unfortunately missed one and will have to replay roughly half the game if I want the completion.

    I give it a 2/5 overall, and wouldn't particularly recommend.