Teslapunk Reviews

  • Johnny SinisterJohnny Sinister1,648,289
    25 Jul 2017 25 Jul 2017
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    Join famed scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla to travel to Mars and defeat the evil Martian Emperor (and galactic DJ).

    Teslapunk is a 2D, top down space shooter that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The game packs quite a challenge in the tradition of most 'Bullet Hell' games, but lightens the mood with an absurd premise and loads of wit.

    Fellow nerds may appreciate nods to Sci-Fi classics such as 'Star Wars' and 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.

    The main portion of the game is a 6 level arcade mode. There are several different difficulty modes to choose from as well as in-game quests for meeting certain requirements during play. Players who are persistent will be awarded additional continues (up to 'unlimited') in the hopes of mopping up the final (and damned hard) achievements.

    In addition to the arcade mode, there is a survival mode that offers an alternate style of gameplay and introduces an upgrade shop to continuously evolve the gameplay.

    The gameplay itself is typical of most top down shooters, but the 'Bullet Cancelling' multiplier system is somewhat original. The load screen quips and original soundtrack (especially the final boss and end credit tracks) are quite a treat. There will certainly be much practice (as well as uttered curses) required for those brave enough to finish the game.

    Will you survive the Martian Disco?

    4/5 stars!