Tetris Evolution

Xbox 360

Tetris Evolution Achievements

Most Earned

Back to Back
Back to Back16 (15)Did two Tetrises or T-Spins (Single or Double) without clearing any lines in between in Marathon.
Back to Back and Back Again
Back to Back and Back Again30 (25)Did three Tetrises or T-Spins (Single or Double) in a row (Back to Back to Back) playing Marathon.
Ludicrous speed
Ludicrous speed38 (30)Cleared a line on Level 15.
Cascade Bronze Medal
Cascade Bronze Medal13 (10)Scored 100,000 points playing Cascade.

Least Earned

Score Gold Medal
Score Gold Medal92 (25)Got 25,000 points in under 4:00 playing Score (Single Player).
Big Ol Cascade
Big Ol Cascade133 (50)Triggered 8 or more Cascade Line Clears with a single drop.
Go Low Gold Medal
Go Low Gold Medal66 (25)Got 50,000 points playing Go Low.
Eraser Gold Medal
Eraser Gold Medal65 (25)Cleared eight target lines in under 1:00 playing Eraser (Single Player).
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