Texas Cheat'Em Reviews

    14 Dec 2013 18 Dec 2013
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    Hello & welcome to my review of Texas Cheat'Em. This is my 3rd game review for TA.


    If you decide to get this game its best to be familiar with or research the rules of Texas Hold'em poker. The game may be difficult for you to 200G otherwise.

    Game Information

    Texas Cheat'Em is a card/board genre type of game that costs $10.00/£6.75/€9.60.
    I picked this game up when it was 50% off in a sale $5.00/£3.40/€4.80 (Deal of the Week: May 21st, 2013). Back then it was the Microsoft points system (400MSP half price).
    This game was published by D3Publisher on 13 May 2009 & Developed by Wideload Games.
    This game takes up very little room on your hard drive/USB unit & is recommended for 12+ years of age.

    This information can now be found on the achievement page on TA. They never had this edition when I started reviewing arcade games. That's why I still include it.


    This is a Texas Hold'em poker game but includes many ways to cheat & that's what you should be aiming to do. If you have the game it allows you to practice Cheat'em & learn Cheat'em under single player game. This may help you have a better understanding of what to do.

    Story & Gameplay

    In career Cheat'em you have 4 different Circuit selections to choose from (Club, heart, Spade & Diamond). 3 of them will be locked. There a 4 match type scenarios you have to win in each circuit. You will unlock other circuits by wining match type scenarios. Your aim is to win all 16 match type scenarios. You should have the full 200G after completing them all.

    The match type scenarios are easy to do. Each 1 has a goal you have to complete (earn a x amount of cash, take all of Mr.x's cash etc). To use you cheats you have to spend cheat points. You gain more for each round the hand goes into or by being dealt a new hand. like I said earlier this game plays out the same as Texas hole'em but with the edition of cheats.


    This game also can be played online. I never did this because I don't know anybody who owns it & all the achievements can be unlocked offline. In the multiplayer section you have 4 different options to chose from. They are Quick match, Custom match, Create match & Xbox live party.
    You can have up to 8 players in an online game. This game also contains leaderboards.

    Game Settings

    In the help & options section you had additional information on how to play the game & look at the controls. You can change your audio & video settings. You can change who you play as. This game allows you to play as your xbox live avatar. The credits can also be found here. When you play through the match type scenarios you will unlock new locations to play in. You can change this in offline & online games before you create a match


    This is a very easy 200G game if you know the rules. I would say 2 out of 10 on achievement difficulty (10 being the hardest). It takes about 2 to 4 hours to 200G depending on skill.


    Texas Cheat'Em is a fun game to play once you get into it. I remember trying the trail version when the game came out & never enjoyed it. In the trail your limited on what you can do. I picked it up in a sale & after 15 minutes of playing the full version I started to enjoy it. Easy 200G is a good edition but doesn't have much replay ability afterwards (unless you have found a friend to play online with).

    Its not worth the $10.00/£6.75/€9.60 price tag it has. I recommend you buy this when & if it every goes on offer again or gets a price reduction.

    Pros & Cons


    Easy 200G
    Time to 200G ( 2 - 4 hours )
    Takes up little game size ( 58MB )


    Gets boring after about an hour
    Has very little replay ability after obtaining the 200G

    My overall rating on this game would be 3 stars out of 5 stars.

    If you vote negative please state why in the comments & I will try to improve this review. Thanks for reading my review.