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    13 May 2014 27 Dec 2016
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    After a week delay between the retail version, and the digital Xbox One release, I got my hands on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 with some anticipation, because I'm a bit of a fanatic of superhero games on the whole. After putting some time into it, I felt it was worth reviewing for fans of the franchise, and if you were like me, you were anxious about the revamped web-slinging system.

    The events of the game are loosely based on the movie, but shift towards the dealings of Oscorp and gang wars that are outside the movie. The characters include Kingpin, Kraven, Electro, Black Cat, as well Stan "The Man" Lee. The origin story of the villain of the film (Electro and Green Goblin) are kept true to the film, as well as they need to be for the game's story to move forward. The game starts out with Peter looking for Dennis Caridine, or that's the supposed name of Uncle Ben's killer. It heats up quickly when Spider-Man tracks down Herman Schultz (Shocker) and the story of the game quickly expands to include a host of Spider-Man baddies. It isn't any masterpiece, but it works for the game because it includes a roster of characters that are interesting and pays good tribute to Spider-Man lore.

    This game looks good on the One, but it is no Titanfall, or Assassin's Creed IV. I noticed in the cutscenes, that hair was barely animated, if at all, and occasionally there were sleeves or clothing that limbs phased through entirely. This may seem nit-pickey, but there are also times when Spidey's hand will not even be contacting the building on raised or lowered building structures. However, swinging past buildings and the nighttime reflections are gorgeous when zipping around the city at night.

    The character models are true to the movie in most respects, but Kingpin is HUGE. He probably stands approximately 9-11 feet tall in the game, and looks like a brick wall, whereas Kraven and others have some very true to the comic looks as well.

    The music in the game is nothing amazing, but it is far from poor. There is the hero theme while swinging through the city, and while in the missions as well.

    The voice acting is the weakest of all of the Spider-Man games to date. None of the original voice actors from the film are present, and a lot of times, the audio from the end of a side-mission will cease entirely to bring you the Daily Bugle report on the petty crime/mission at hand.

    I will say though, that Kraven's dialogue was one of the more interesting story points in the game, and was probably my favorite interaction with Peter and Spider-Man respectively. It doesn't help that Spider-Man is the most annoying voice in this game, but if they went for dorky teen, they nailed it. This is definitely no Andrew Garfield voice work, not by a long shot.

    The controls in this game are similar to to previous Spidey titles, but a few changes do not change the fact that this is still a beat-em-up action adventure. The biggest change is the Y button. Y is used to roll and evade not just physical attacks, but bullets too! Yes! Dodging bullets is not much easier and with a little skill, not only saves you, but the dodges are spins and flips as well. Your spider-sense glows red for physical attacks, and white for bullets. The difference between the two, and the ability to dodge both brings the agility to Spider-Man's bag of tricks very well.

    Additionally, the left bumper can be used to disarm enemies, and when upgraded, will web the gun/bat/automatic to the wall or floor. This means with planning, you can disarm the bad guys and get close without a shotgun going off in your face. The web-strike makes a return to the right bumper, and is useful for zipping to enemies for a quick beat-down. It isn't mapped to B like it was in Web of Shadows, so it feels much more like an option, than a go-to for combat.

    As far as combat goes, this game could use more crunch to the punches. The Arkham games (save for Origins) have a distinct crunch, and pop when an enemy is struck. As much as one may like delivering a flurry of punches, more crackle and pop could be used to make you feel like you are solidly whooping some baddy behind.

    I felt that this section of the game deserved it's own section, because it is an improvement from the first Amazing game, but is different still from the Spider-Man 2 game Activision brought us in 2004.

    This time around we have not one, but two triggers for swinging. The left trigger shoots a web to the left, and the right trigger shots a line to the right. For the most part, making turns has never been easier. I often found myself remembering "Oh, I can attach to the left, and make that turn SO much easier!" The new system is intuitive, and it makes sense. It does not have the speed of the Spider-Man 2 swinging, or in Web of Shadows, but swinging with both triggers is a big plus.

    Seeing as this is TrueAchievements I thought it was more than appropriate to touch on the achievements and their difficulty.
    First off, the collectibles number 300 comic books, in addition to photo missions and costumes, with upgrades, and maxing out the level for all the suits. For easiest completion, I would beat it on Hero, and get 100% on all collectibles, and then run through SuperHero and upgrade only one suit as needed, ignoring all the side missions. The hardest part will be upgrading al 13 suits to level 8. However with the constant stream of side-missions, it shouldn't be too much of a bother. After a week on the market, the TA ratio is only at 1.6 or so, but it is only a matter of a time commitment of about 20-30 hours. No real challenge here.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn't anything ground breaking or mind-blowingly awesome. It isn't worthy of the "Amazing" title because it isn't the Spider-Man game the Xbox One should have gotten. Despite this fact, it isn't as broken as the previous reviewer stated. It could use more polish, and feels rushed, especially after the retail delay puzzle/mishap or whatever happened. It's a fun superhero game, and makes web-swinging fun again. Take it for what it is--a colorful superhero game. I probably shouldn't have paid $60 for it, but I had a pile of trade-ins that made it practically free. If you're itching for your Spider-Man fix, find a used copy in a few months, or rent it. Find it at your video store for a weekend rent, because $20 is probably the most you should spend on it without feeling bad about it.

    Thanks for reading!
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    BigPapaBeecouldnt have said it better myself. Got the 360 version day one wasn't too impressed, got 36 of 47 achievements in hero playthrough. Traded it in yesterday for the XB1 edition and it looks and plays exactly the same...with the delay i was expecting a little more bur as usual with the XB1 I was dissappointed to see an exact port of the 360 version. As with you I had 50,000 pro rewards points to spend so it cost me nothing and when i returned it Gamestop took it back as a "purchased for wrong system" and gave me the XB1 edition for an even trade, never even charged me the $10 upgrade so I made out, would have been pissed if i spent $60 on this one. Like you said rent it or wait for the price to drop...shouldn't be long.
    Posted by BigPapaBee on 13 May 14 at 08:08
    DillionDayThis game is horrible. It is so repetitive and boring. NYC looks pathetic and fake. The characters during the cut scenes look as if they are robotic puppets with no life to them whatsoever. If you bought this used from Gamestop hurry up and get the cheeves within 7 days to get your money back.
    Posted by DillionDay on 03 Jun 14 at 03:53
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    Spider-Man video games have had an uneven history, but arguably peaked with Spider-Man 2 in 2004. Since then, many Spidey titles of various aims and qualities have been released. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 marks Beenox's 4th turn at developing a Spider-Man game, but is not as strong a title as their previously more focused efforts.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is loosely based on the plot of the 2014 film, and as such includes the villains Electro and Green Goblin. Along the way, players will also go toe-to-toe with five other members of Spidey's rogues gallery. It's a decent mix of characters, with Kraven the Hunter having the best chance to shine and one of the marquee villains Electro getting the short end of the stick. Somehow, despite having multiple fights with Spider-Man in the film, Electro is only met once in the game after his transformation. What could've been a more realized plot line like what Treyarch did with Doctor Octopus in 2004 is severly hampered and comes off as a requirement for the game to have been made.

    The best part of the game is arguably swinging through New York City. The triggers correspond to each arm and make web-slinging feel very natural, and corners smooth as butter to navigate around. Additionaly, the right bumper allows Spidey to web-zip to certain desired locations like perch points. When held, the same button slows down time giving the player more time to aim the zip to go to a desired location. Getting around is extremely satisfying.

    The combat however, feels like Arkham Asylum light. Unlike The Dark Knight, Spider-Man doesn't have a lot of fancy gadgets or a lot of different enemies to vary how combat feels. Instead, combat feels repetitive with occasional dodges required to keep your hit streak counter climbing. The animation on Spider-Man during combat is servicable, and does well to convey his acrobatic fighting style. While they are side-missions, the Russian hideouts were one of my favorite points of gameplay. They are enclosed areas where the player must navigate to a terminal while remaining undetected. The player can choose to eliminate all enemies or just those in the way.

    Achievement difficulty isn't anything to worry about with this superhero title and can be completed in a single-playthrough. Also, story missions can be revisited in order to fulfill them. With upgrades to Spidey's Spider-Sense, hunting collectibles is relatively pain-free, though the combat challenges are arguably the hardest portion of the game.

    Graphically, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is serviceable, but rarely offers truly remarkable visuals like other titles from the same period. Still, visual bugs didn't appear for me showing great stability.

    The musical score is sufficient, and somehow doesn't wear down it's welcome despite being completely forgettable. The biggest disappointment in sound comes from the voice cast who attempt to sound like the film actors, but fall especially short of that goal. Even so, the roles are handled well despite sounding off.

    Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 worth your time? Chances are that players can complete the game and it's achievements in a week's time, making the 1000 Gamerscore quick and easy to obtain. But in my own mind, there are other games more deserving of a permanent spot in your collection.
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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    If prototype had a baby, that decided to be a superhero. This is what would pop out. The game feels MUCH like prototype, not necessary all good though, unfortunately.

    Graphics (1 of 3): This game looks awful. There aren't many textures, feels very "early 360". Some close ups look more like next gen content, but you will have to look out for these small moments to be impressed with them, overall don't get this game for graphic purposes. You will be very disappointed. Everything is very smooth, and more blocky then anything else on the xbox one.

    Multiplayer.... Typically I play games for two reasons. Multiplayer purposes, and to rack up achievements. There is no multiplayer in this game, but it gets an Achievements (2 of 3). The achievements aren't overly complicated. You get them fairly quickly if you pay attention to them. I have not received all of them, but should end around 600-700 points without overtime play... as I put it. Like your typical sandbox type game, you have to collect random things, comic book pages in this one, finish side quests. In this game you also have to max level different suits and such. Playing through the story I ended with 420 GS, and could have gotten another 80 if i decided to play through on the hardest difficulty.

    Replay Value (1 of 3): I will play this game to get achievements, and probably never go back. This game doesn't, and won't truly impress anyone. It isn't a very good game to show off the console to anyone, and the story is dull, and only a couple hours long. I will replay the story to get the harder difficulty achievement, that is about it.

    Sympathy (0 of 1): This could have been a good game, Though it doesn't feel like they even tried to hard to get a good "next gen" game out. I am very disappointed, and wouldn't recommend this to anyone except those who would like a few easy achievements.

    I am very disappointed in this game, though I try and give every game I can a chance.. Feel free to add me on XBL, and friend me on TA!