The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough Overview

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Welcome to my achievement for The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, a 2D metroidvania by the indie developer YCJY Games.

In this game, you control a submarine and are tasked with exploring an underwater environment in Earth's distant future where you must defeat bosses and collect upgrades as you try to piece together the story of humanity's downfall.

There are 21 achievements that break down as follows:

  • die for the first time
  • kill 100 harmless fish
  • find all upgrade crates
  • read all holotapes
  • defeat all bosses
  • unlock Hardcore mode
  • complete the game
  • complete the game without collecting any upgrade crates
  • complete the game in Hardcore mode
  • complete Boss Rush

The bulk of the walkthrough is a comprehensive playthrough where you find all upgrade chests and holotapes, unlock Hardcore mode, defeat all bosses, and complete the game. You must then complete the game a) in Hardcore mode and b) without collecting any upgrade chests which I suggest doing over two separate playthroughs, although these requirements could be met in a single (likely very difficult) playthrough. All that you should have left then is to complete Boss Rush which will take practice in order to learn the boss' attacks and patterns.

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