The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Walkthrough

2. Game Basics

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The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human is a metroidvania where you control a submarine in an underwater environment. There are no normal enemies to fight as you explore the world - only bosses, harmless fish swimming around, and the occasional environmental hazard. There are two different types of upgrades for your submarine: stat upgrades found in upgrade crates that increase Hull strength (your health), Hull Repair Speed (how fast you regenerate health), and Harpoon Charge Speed and ship upgrades - weapons or equipment that grant various abilities. You must find all 26 stat upgrades for an achievement and the ship upgrades are required for story advancement.

Save points called Stations are found throughout the world. You can fast travel between any station you have discovered.

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There are 41 Holotapes scattered throughout the world and you must interact with all of them for an achievement.

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This detailed world map was created by Steam user Klaimen. it shows the location of everything in the game- upgrades, bosses, stations, holotapes, hidden areas, etc. and is extremely useful for making sure that you don't miss anything.

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Some sections of the map are dark and when you enter these sections, your mini map is disabled. There are generally jellyfish floating around in dark areas that cast light, allowing you to see better. You eventually acquire a Lamp upgrade that passively illuminates dark areas.


cn_LS Movement

cn_A Interact

cn_RS Aim Harpoon

cn_RT Shoot Weapon (hold for a longer range Harpoon shot)

cn_LT Dash (requires Jet Thruster)

cn_LB/cn_RB Cycle weapons

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