The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human Walkthrough

4. Subsequent Playthroughs

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You can start a new game in Hardcore mode from the Extras menu. It shouldn't matter but note that you can only have one active save file at a time so if you start a new game, your current save file is lost.

In Hardcore mode, your submarine's hull does not regenerate after you take damage. The only way to heal is to rest at a station (or die and respawn). The shield upgrade will still recharge after being damaged, but the hull will not.

You also need to complete a playthrough without collecting any of the upgrade crates that improve the Hull (health), Hull Regeneration Speed, and Harpoon Charge Rate. I wouldn't collect the crates that contain the map or the extra thruster charge, either, although I can't confirm that they count. I can confirm that the hidden upgrade crates don't affect the achievement, so you definitely can get the triple harpoon upgrade which is a huge help.

It's up to you whether you want to try to meet both requirements in one playthrough or two. The game is short enough that I chose to do two playthroughs and I imagine a Hardcore playthrough with base stats would be pretty tough. I won't be giving a detailed walkthrough again so just consult the world map as you work through the objectives:

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  1. Lower Harpoon/The Worm
  2. The Fathers/Saw
  3. Engine Upgrade
  4. The Tranquil/Shield
  5. The Forgotten One/JetThruster
  6. The False Light/Lamp
  7. Triple Harpoon upgrade
  8. Torpedoes/The Defiler
  9. The Parasite (optional boss)
  10. Upper Harpoon/Chain Gang
  11. Heart of the City/Drone 1
  12. The Experiment/Drone 2
  13. The Guardian
  14. Exit Sequence

You have infinite lives so the hangup (obviously) is defeating the bosses without Hull regeneration and with base stats. There's no shortcut other than learning boss attacks and patterns to minimize incoming damage.

After completing the game in Hardcore mode, an achievement will unlock:

The Last Human in The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human
Complete Hardcore mode.
  • Unlocked by 10 tracked gamers (3% - TA Ratio = 6.14) 379

After completing the game without collecting any upgrade crates, an achievement will unlock:

Possimpible in The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human
Possimpible713 (110)
Complete the game without any upgrade crates.
  • Unlocked by 9 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 6.48) 379

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