The Banner Saga Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for The Banner Saga. The Banner Saga is a Turn-Based Strategy RPG with Nordic themes based in a world of humans and giants (Varl) working together against creatures called the Dredge.

The majority of the game's achievements are based on getting a single kill with different unit classes or visiting monuments called Godstones along your journey. The remaining achievements are tied to meeting specific requirements through your campaign.

To finish the game, we will be aiming to get everything done within three playthroughs, which is definitely doable. Each playthrough will be focused on the following:

Playthrough One

Go through the game on Normal difficulty recruiting all possible characters and focusing on getting at least one kill with each of them to get the related achievements. This playthrough will also be spent visiting all the Godstones and working towards two end game achievements - High Spirits for staying at Normal Morale or above through the whole game and Warmonger for going through at least 40 battles over the course of the playthrough. The final two achievements for the playthrough will be Treasure Hunter for getting five Rank 5 items in your game and Diplomat for convincing the Varl to destroy one of their landmarks.

Playthrough Two

The second run of the game will be played on Hard. During this playthrough, you'll be aiming to finish the story and unlocking the difficulty achievement (not stackable). Additionally, we will aim to not lose any battles for the Challenge achievement. Finally, you will also need to win a battle in the training tent while camping and using six units all at Rank 5.

Playthrough Three

The last run will be done on Easy difficulty and will be used to clean up the remaining achievements. Quartermaster requires you to finish the story without anybody dying of starvation and Forced March is awarded for reaching a specific destination - Boersgard - within 120 days. The final two achievements are tied to two specific characters, Alette and Egil. For Alette, you need to get through the game without having her kill any humans or Varl (Dredge are fine). For Egil, you must have him survive the game. You will need to avoid recruiting one character in particular as he can void the achievements for Alette and Egil.

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