The Banner Saga Walkthrough

8. Random Events

During chapters four and six, Rook's caravan will encounter multiple random events in between scripted ones. A lot of the random events can have both positive and negative affects on a wide range of things including caravan size, caravan morale, and your stock of supplies.

I will list all of the random evens and the best options to take for the optimal result. In some cases, different options will be better for different playthroughs. If this ends up being the case, they will be marked with which playthrough the choice should be made. Additionally, some results can be circumstantial. If you have a lot of supplies or you're worried about morale, you can vary your options to suit what you need.

To make it easier to find the random event you have encountered, use the search function (Ctrl+F) then type in one of the possible choices to locate your specific event quickly.

Abandoned Building

"Up ahead!" a scout shouts. "Some giant hall but it's empty." You approach the structure but recognize none of its markings. The walls seem unsteady at best. "Finally sleeping beneath a roof." You overhear several families begin unpacking.

  • We sleep in comfort tonight = Peastants -11, Morale -10
  • Keep everyone back until you are certain it's safe = Nothing (BEST OPTION)
  • It was abandoned for a reason = -10 Morale
  • Look for any clues why it was abandoned = Leads to previous bad choices

New Born Baby

A woman's stifled screams fail to overly concern anyone; it was only a matter of time before the expectant mother gave birth. The caravan is simply excited by this first sign of new life since the trip began.

  • Call for a day of rest and celebration = Morale +20, Supplies -10, Renown +15 and +1 day (Good option when not aiming for Quartermaster/Forced March)
  • Congratulate the new parents privately = Morale +10, Renown +5 (BEST OPTION - No time/supplies wasted)
  • Offer the family extra rations as gifts = Supplies -5, Renown +10, Morale +15
  • Do nothing special allowing the mother and child some peace = Morale +5, Renown +5

Blizzard (One of the worst events as all options have negative results)

A flurry of snowfall seems to come out of nowhere and quickly thickens until you are unable to see the man in front of you. You shout out a complete halt, but the screaming winds drown out the sound. A day passes before the blizzard abates and clansmen start to reappear from the snow drifts. It quickly becomes apparent that not everybody is where you last saw them and a quick search of the area is not enough to recover the missing clansmen.

  • Make a thorough search for the lost clansmen = +1 Day, Clansmen -21, Morale -5 (BEST OPTION)

Supply Wagon Robbery

Ahead you find what appears to be a good number of peasants surrounded by brigands. One of the armed men looks over his shoulder and says "Gods be damned. This is all I need. Listen, don't interfere and one of these supply wagons is yours." While remaining silent the peasants plead to you with their eyes.

  • Accept the offer/Take the supplies and leave = Supplies +20, Morale -10
  • Back away from these people or die/Draw your weapon = Battle, Supplies +22, Clansmen +37 (BEST OPTION)
  • What's going on here? = Other options repeat
  • Don't get involved at all = Nothing

Cornered Varl

The sounds of a skirmish alert you to a varl surrounded by half a dozen armed fighters. One man spots you and shouts "Leave us to our business! This varl killed my father without reason!" The varl is about to respond when a man attacks. The giant swats the blade aside and silently watches for the next assault.

  • Defend the varl = varl +1, Morale +5, Renown +5 (BEST OPTION)
  • Let us hear what he has to say = More dialogue then same options
  • Return to the caravan without interfering = Morale +5, Renown +5

Family Feud

Harsh words from one mother to another draw the attention of the entire caravan. "My daughter marries Ragni or no one! That reed-thin tramp you call a daughter won't provide sons!" The insulted mother bares her teeth, ready to attack.

  • Let the argument play out on its own = Morale -5
  • Worry on marriage another time = Morale -5
  • Explain yourselves = Nothing
  • Keep the women separated = Morale +5

Family Feud Pt.2

"Murder, over a marriage? In these times? Something must be done!" The accused woman remains silent. Event costs 1 Clansmen.

  • Leave it to a vote = Clansmen -3, Morale -5
  • Try to discourage further violence = Clansmen -2, Morale -10
  • Investigate the death = Nothing (BEST OPTION)
  • Banish the accused and her daughter = Clansmen -3, Morale -5


A well-tended farm with plenty of livestock draws the caravan's attention. Upon your arrival the farmer and his workers stand defensively in plain sight, crude weapons at the ready. Their crossed arms make their thoughts clear without a word.

  • Offer some kind of trade for the livestock = Repeats options
  • Intimidate the farmer into giving you the livestock/Threaten the farmer/Take the food by force = Supplies +36, Morale -10 (Possible option on Quartermaster run. This event can be a Godsend at the start of chapter 4)
  • Leave the farmer and his livestock alone = Morale -5 (BEST OPTION)

Fire in the Camp

As you're nodding off to sleep shouts of "Fire!" pull you back to attention. Flames quickly consume a supply wagon and a few tents. A woman cries out 'My boy!" and points to a burning tent closest to the outlying varl. Two of the giants are motionless, staring at the spreading fire with terror in their eyes.

  • Command the varl to help = Clansmen -1, Morale -10, Supplies - 28
  • Organize the peasants to put out the fire = Morale -5, Supplies - 16
  • Go in after the boy yourself = Supplies -41
  • Make an effort to save the rest of the supplies = ? Should be negative consequences but nothing happens. Possible bug (CURRENTLY BEST OPTION)


"Stop!" A resolute voice calls from somewhere in front of you. The surrounding terrain comes alive with armed fighters surrounding the caravan. "No need for bloodshed." the leader says. "Leave a couple of wagons and pretend you never even stopped here."

  • Attack = Battle (BEST OPTION)
  • How about you leave what you got instead = Morale +5 (only if Krumr is in caravan), Battle without Krumr in caravan (Good option if in need of morale)
  • Inform them about the incoming Dredge = Battle
  • Do what they ask = Supplies -20

Lost Child

A scout returns with a nearly frozen child. "I almost stepped on her in the snow. Looks like she must've been running from something." he says. Patches of blue mottle her pale skin, but her chest rises and dalls ever so slightly. 'Even just carrying her along could kill her in a state like this,' says a woman. 'We could be in danger here,' points out another.

  • Keep moving but let the healers tend to her = Morale -5
  • Stop the caravan for a rest and tend to the girl = Morale +5, Unlocks Pt.2 (BEST OPTION)
  • Stop and look for other survivors = +1 Day, Unlocks Pt.2

Lost Child Pt.2

Several woman are talking expressively at the young girl found nearly frozen to death, now called Aukfrosta. The quiet childs face expresses quiet terror, aggressively jabbing at the dirt with a stick with which she clearly used to draw on the ground.

  • Study Aukfrosta's drawings = Repeats other options
  • We don't need a panic, keep her from making a scene = Nothing
  • Try to talk with Aukfrosta = Morale +5 (BEST OPTION)
  • Leave the child alone = Morale -5

Lost Child Pt.3

Aukfrosta, the young girl who joined your caravan after being found frozen, suddenly stands still, refusing to move. She points off to the side of the trail and stares, her eyes full of fear. "This again?" remarks one of the clansmen nearby.

  • Ignore her and move on = Clansmen -66, varl -16, +1 Day and Fighters -21
  • Show me + Lead a full party to ambush what you suspect might be Dredge = Morale +20 (BEST OPTION)
  • Stop the caravan and find an alternate route = Morale -5, +1 Day
  • Send scouts ahead to check, just in case = Morale -5, Fighters - 19, varl -8

Low Morale

No encouragement or tales of glory will lift the spirits of the caravan. "In the North, we have times like this," says one of the varl. The other giants grin, raising tankards and horns of mead. "Skal!" they shout and make short work of their drinks, explaining that each person takes a drink when someone tells a story that is more miserable than the last. Others join them for a second round and mead is passed your way.

  • Leave the others to their drinking game = Supplies -10, Morale +20
  • This will only make things worse = Morale -5 (Best Quartermaster Option)
  • Join the giants in drinking = Supplies -10, Morale +30 (BEST OPTION - When supplies are ok)

Missing Supplies

"Someone's been nicking extra goods from the supplies," a concerned woman tells you. "Counted these myself yesterday, no mistake. This keeps up, we'll all be starving before long." (Supplies -5)

  • Post a few extra guards to watch the supplies = Nothing (BEST OPTION)
  • Ask clansmen if they have seen anything suspicious = Morale -5
  • Announce that anymore missing supplies result in rationing = Morale -5
  • Tell me if you see it again = Nothing

Missing Supplies Pt.2

"More supplies missing!" the woman by a wagon says to you. "And look tracks, they look like children's footprints, but my husband and I followed them into the wilderness a ways. They meet up with some adult tracks. No telling how many. (Supplies -15)

  • Round up and question the children = Morale - 5
  • Question parents about their children = Nothing (BEST OPTION)
  • Send scouts to look for anyone following you = Nothing
  • Have the children watched carefully = Locks out Missing Supplies Pt.3

Missing Supplies Pt.3

A boy has gone missing from the caravan along with a good number of supplies. The boys younger brother begins to sob, "Some men in the woods made us. Said we had to give them food or they'd kill us, and don't tell nobody. My brother went over there" he points. (Supplies -20)

  • Lead a search party = Clansmen -1
  • Lead a war party = Supplies +20
  • Try to make a trade for the boy = Morale -10, Clansmen -1
  • Send the younger brother and ambush them on the next trade = Morale +10, Supplies +30 (BEST OPTION)


A gaunt man and woman approach the caravan, hands held high. "A word, friends," the man says. "We are poor farmers down on our luck..." the woman hits him and says, "We're outlaws, plain and simple. Ten of us and we'll help you in a fight and put some food up front."

  • Join us, you'll be watched = Fighters +10, Supplies -3 (WORST CHOICE - Unlocks another event which has bigger penalties)
  • What are your crimes? = Repeats other two choices
  • Send the outlaws away = Supplies -5 (BEST CHOICE)


The caravan consists of more clansmen than you ever expected. Accusations of stolen chickens, missing heirlooms, and concerns over daughters' virtues are the sorts of things you hear relentlessly. Even fighters complain of spreading too thin to protect everyone.

  • Carry on and put up with it = Clansmen -110, Fighters -22, Morale -10
  • Try to address the major issues = Morale -5
  • Try to keep people useful and too busy for petty squabbles = Supplies +15, Morale +10 (BEST OPTION)
  • Form a council to handle these problems = Nothing
  • Split the caravan = Morale +15, Supplies -10, Clansmen -130, Fighters -20


While walking the words of a mother's song reach you. It's soothing, nuanced, and about your current journey. When she finishes, a man begins a tale of his own in verse. The woman quickly responds with another poem and the entire caravan slows down to hear the entertaining competition.

  • Join the crown and cheer on the competitors = Morale +20
  • We need to stay vigilant = Nothing
  • Ignore the poetry contest and keep an ear out for danger = Morale +10
  • Join in with a verse of your own = Morale +25 (BEST OPTION)

Quirky Old Man

"Well I've seen better," the old man says, peering into the supply wagons, "but I'll join you." He stands next to a fighter, throws his beard over his shoulder and puffs up his chest. The fighter grins and the stranger exhales, asking, "What are we waiting for? Lead the way!"

  • We've already got enough mouths to feed = Nothing
  • You're welcome to join if you can keep pace = Morale +5, Unlocks Pt.2 (BEST OPTION)
  • Who are you and what are you doing here = Repeats other options

Quirky Old Man Pt.2

Unnarr, the quirky old man with the leather headband says, "If there's one thing I know better than women and mead, it's... well..." He smiles. "Well nothing. But I know when a group could use some help. Just a nod and let old Unnarr make everything better. No questons now."

  • We'd appreciate any help = Supplies +20 (BEST OPTION)
  • I'd rather not have any surprises = Nothing
  • What are you talking about? = Nothing

Restless Varl

You notice most of the varl pacing while others sleep. Their brief conversations with each other and other clansmen grow shorter and sharper. "Go away!" roars one varl at a young girl asking him too many questions. All the clansmen stop and stare.

  • Break the tension by making a joke = Morale +10 (BEST CHOICE 1/2)
  • I'm impressed you've kept it together this long = Morale -5
  • Send the varl ahead in the caravan to put some space between you = Morale +10 (BEST CHOICE 2/2)
  • What is wrong with you = Morale +5

Wild Fruit

Some clansmen have discovered a large patch of wild fruit. When you approach you see some people have begun to sample them. A mother frets about whether they're safe after overhearing one of the children say it tastes funny. Others start gathering by the basketful.

  • Take a bite yourself = Supplies +12, Morale +5 (BEST OPTION IF MORALE IS LOW)
  • Discourage them from eating the fruit = Supplies +5
  • Observe someone who already ate some = Repeats other options
  • Offer a piece to one of the animals in the caravan = Repeats other options. Gather as much as you can choice will now only give +5
  • Gather as much as you can = Supplies +16 (BEST OPTION IF MORALE IS FINE)

Wounded Varl

A trail of blood leads to a clearing where you find a large, wounded varl. He is gnawing on his shield, swearing at no one in particular and occasionally slamming his cudgel on the ground. If not for the heavy bleeding you'd leave this one alone without a second thought.

  • Leave food and medicine and walk away = varl +1, Renown +10 (BEST OPTION) - Doesn't use any supplies
  • We can help if you want it = Nothing
  • Try to have healers tend to it's wounds = Clansmen -2, Morale -10
  • Abandon the varl and move on = Morale +5 (POSSIBLE CHOICE IF MORALE IS LOW)
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