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Born Again Gen
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Born Again Gen
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Posted on 10 September 19 at 02:24
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As someone who doesn't write reviews often, I would like to summarize my experience in point form.

- Beautiful scenery and unique landscapes
- Witty banter between party members was enjoyable
- Expansive character skill customization and easy to re-spec characters late game
- Challenging fights with lots of ways to approach combat
- Turn based (If you're into that)
- Tons of way-shrines (Restores health to the entire party and saves the game)
- Countless secrets for those who really take the time to explore
- Easily immersive and easy to learn
- From start to finish there are new and engaging mechanics
- Toggled difficulty
- Conquering challenging fights really feels satisfying
- Consistent and fair loot with reasonable RNG
- Well over 40 hours of game play
- Moderate amount of sidequests
- Excellent story

- Extremely buggy ( SAVE OFTEN!)
- Tricky navigation system, sometimes doesn't lead to active quest
- Early game decisions matter, can be punishing when first learning the game
- Few guides written and posted, especially end game. Some puzzles will require work
- Loads of backtracking (not terrible with the fast travel system)
- Hidden secrets often took hours to find, I often got bored circling the same area 100 times

Conclusion: Other than the game constantly crashing on me I really had to think about what I didn't like about the game. I definitely enjoyed my experience and would recommend anyone to give it a chance.
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