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    10 Sep 2009
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    I'll admit, I had my doubts of this game, but after I played it I totally fell in love with it. Yes, The Beatles' music isn't as fast and out of control as most bands included in music games, but there tracks are just as fun.

    Harmonix has once again set the bar with music games, making another amazing game in their library. Even though all 44 tracks in the game are Beatles songs, there is a great setlist even for people who aren't huge Beatles fans and not too familiar with there music (like myself). Also lots of the tracks aren't as easy as most people are thinking, (if you can FC Helter Skelter, expert drums, BIG kudos) so even for experts this one is still gonna give you a challenge, not GH3 by all means, but still a challenge.

    This, is by far one of the best achievement lists for a music game. Nothing thats going to take you 2 years to get an achievement for, but nothing thats extremely easy. A very fulfilling list indeed.

    Theres no new innovations as far as guitar, bass and drums(minus the new Beatles note highway) but for vocalists there is a new vocal harmony feature which lets up to 3 singers sing together. Harmonix also included the drum trainer mode with the drum lessons and new Beatle Beats mode, both featuring achievements for completing all the beats at 100% accuracy.

    The game also was released with a new set of peripherals. A new drum skin, 2 new guitars and a new bass to be exact

    As true Beatle fans would know, the band quit touring in 1966, so being the music game geniuses that is Harmonix, they created Dreamscapes. The fantastical Dreamscapes are fictional places where the on-screen Beatles play while you play the track. They range from underwater places, to sunny hilltops, to the very bizarre one used for I Am The Walrus.

    Beatle fan or not, this is a Must play music game that I guarantee you will love. Also, as the DLC wizards we know Harmonix as, the full Abbey Road album, along with the single track "All You Need Is Love" and albums Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Rubber Soul are all planned DLC for The Beatles: Rock Band. So expect more Beatlemania far after the game's release music
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    nickb281943, 44 same thing lol
    Posted by nickb2819 on 07 Jan 10 at 01:32
    PuckJunkieI love this game. I'm still playing it occasionally this long after its release. That being said, Pedle Zelnip's comment is right on target. You may not have meant it this way, but the review sounds like the achievements are perfectly obtainable for a casual rhythm gamer. They are not. The TA ratio for this game - over 3! - is well-earned. Are there harder rhythm games? God, yes. But is this a game anybody not overwhelmingly good at guitar and drums can expect to get 1000GS? Hell, no. If you picked this game up without having played plastic instruments before, it could easily take you two years of work to get these achievements. I think that's all Pedle was saying, and jumping on him here is way out of line.

    Also, your assertion "Even for gamers who don't like The Beatles, this game is a must play" is ludicrous. If you don't like the Beatles, you'll won't like this game. I mean, it's extremely well-done, and you might be able to appreciate it from an intellectual standpoint, but it takes hours of listening to Beatles music just to run through the game once, and getting the full 1000GS is going to take a whole lot of listening to them. If you don't like the Beatles, stay the hell away from this game. Fortunately, I love the Beatles. This is the only game not in the core RB gameset that I have DLC for. Harmonix rules.
    Posted by PuckJunkie on 09 May 12 at 17:03
    KinectKid333My only complaint with this game is that it doesn't have the Beatle's classic hit "It's Okay to Leave a Dog in a Hot Car". That song is one of my favorites from them...
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 19 Aug 20 at 02:32
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    I am going to be completely honest and come out and say that when I first heard that Harmonix (developer of Guitar Hero 1 and 2 as well as Rock Band 1 and 2) was going to develop a band-specific game I was kind of upset. The reason being Activision (who has developed all the Guitar Heros from Guitar Hero 3 on) has put out two full band games as of now and neither did the bands justice. So hearing that The Beatles were getting their own game was kind of off putting. My mind was changed after I saw a few trailers and started listening to The Beatles more.

    The first thing that attracted me to The Beatles Rock Band was the setlist, which consists of 45 songs spanning The Beatles illustrious career. Starting with their debut album Please,Please Me, and ending with Let It Be. Harmonix also announced that Abbey Road , Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Rubber Soul will all be available as downloads for The Beatles Rock Band. The songs on disc and all of the downloadable content will only be playable on The Beatles Rock Band and not on Rock Band 1 and 2 like the other downloadable content Harmonix has released thus far. I have to admit that it was a bummer that I could not export the songs to the main series but I completely understand why they did not do that.

    World Tour mode is taken out of The Beatles Rock Band in favor for a career progression following The Beatles from their first concert at the Cavern Club in Liverpool to their last concert atop the Apple Corps Rooftop venue. The majority of the career progression is not spent in venues, but in the famous Abbey Road Studio where The Beatles spent the latter half of their career recoding music. You may be wondering “the majority of the game takes place in a boring studio?”. Harmonix realized that sitting in Abbey Road Studio (as iconic as it is) would be pretty boring to look at. So they created some thing called a “dreamscape” for each song. A “dreamscape” is a video that plays in the background during a song. “Dreamscapes” have sometimes have something to do with a song and sometimes illiteratethe mood The Beatles were in while writing and recoding the song. My only gripe with the “dreamscapes” is that they are so good looking that it sometimes distracts me from the song.

    Now on to the gameplay. If you have ever played Rock Band or Guitar Hero the gameplay is pretty much exactly the same. You hit notes as they scroll down the screen, and if you do so well you will rack up multipliers that will make each note you hit worth more points. Guitar and Bass are untouched ,gameplay wise, from Rock Band 2. Drum have a slight change which is that there are no more free form drum fills for activating overdrive (in The Beatles Rock Band called Beatlemania). Instead Beatlemania is activated by a single hit of the green pad. The biggest and most important change in gameplay comes with the addition with two and three part vocal harmonies. The addition of harmonies goes farther to replicate the experience of being apart of The Beatles. The majority of the songs that have harmonies (yes some songs do not have harmonies but only a handful) are three part harmonies, but some songs also have two part harmonies. My only problem with harmonies is that all parts have to be done on the same console, meaning that your friend from California can not sing harmonies with you who lives in New York. It kind of bums me out but its a minor inconvenience

    I touched on graphics a little bit while I was talking about “dreamscapes”, but I feel I should go a little bit more in depth. The graphics in The Beatles Rock Band are astounding. First starting with The Beatles themselves The replication and animation of the on screen representation of The Fab Four is astonishing When you spend your time in Abbey Road Studio 2 the “dreamscapes” are all varied from song to song so it is not like you are seeing the same thing over and over.

    If you are a fan of the Lads from Liverpool or a fan of music games in general you should pick this up right now. Also if you are new to music games (or you want to get your parents and grandparents involved) this is a great beginner. The songs are not up to par with the difficulty of the other music games on the market, but the quality and fun factor of playing the songs make up for the lack of difficulty. Overall this is a wonderful game and a breath of fresh air from the less then stellar band-specific of the past.
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    18 Jan 2014 18 Jan 2014
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    The Guitar Hero and Rock Band games have always been a big part of my gaming career, so I felt I had to pick this up sooner or later. I personally think that some of the band collaborations with Guitar Hero or Rock Band games don't particularly work. This is not the case with The Beatles Rock Band. Being a big Beatles fan myself the song list is obviously pretty epic. From Hello Goodbye to I want to hold your hand, I always found myself singing along to the songs . Although I had heard about this game before, I was always fairly reluctant to pick it up because I thought it would be a let down. If I'd had known it was this good I would have picked it up a lot sooner for sure. The general vibe to this game is great. The menus have adopted a very flowery and sunny theme which is perfect for a Beatles themed game. This theme adds a very fun and interesting feel to the game. It's much better compared to some of the fairly mundane and simple menus of other music games.

    Another great thing about this game is that in the loading menus or before a song, you can listen to real life conversations and phrases said by the Beatles and also the commentators who introduced The Beatles at their real life gigs. The career mode is also good. I found that some games like Guitar Hero World Tour had a career mode which wasn't particularly fun to play through. I felt it was too long and a little boring. I suppose that's down to the long lasting gigs and song choices. With The Beatles Rock Band I am currently excited to keep playing it. As you progress through the career you start to earn photos that were actually taken from moments of The Beatles' lives, which are pretty cool to look at.

    If you are a fan of The Beatles or a regular Guitar Hero/Rock band player then this game is a must buy. Seeing as its a fairly old game now you can pick it up really cheap which is a bonus. I'm still kicking myself for not picking this game up years ago. You will still have fun with this game if you are not a Beatles fan however.

    A fantastic game based on one of the biggest names in the history of music. A must buy!
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    08 Oct 2009 08 Oct 2009
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    Firstly I love music games and Rock Band is a particular favourite of mine. I had a few reservations when I heard that they were releasing 'The Beatles Rock Band' but I will elaborate more on that throughout this review.

    'The Beatles Rock Band' follows the career of the band chronologically unlocking each venue as you progress. The layout of the game is more back to basics with no jetting around the globe feature like their previous titles. This works well and makes the focus very much on the music without making you feel like you have to rush through the game. Unlocking images and old videos is a great incentive to 5 star songs and really helps to immerse you in the whole 'Beatlemania' phenomenon.

    There are very few changes to individual instrument playability so seasoned gamers and newcomers alike will have no problem picking up and playing the game. The biggest and newest change here is the addition of harmonies for the vocal career and while this seems like a great idea in concept unfortunately it is a feature that for many will remain untouched. This is due to two reasons; firstly distinguishing between the separate harmonies can take a bit of work and secondly trying to find two friends willing and able to sit and sing through the songs with you could prove to be a mission impossible.

    The set list comprises entirely of Beatles tracks which sets it apart from 'Guitar Hero' titles (ie.Metallica, Aerosmith...etc) which have special guest and supporting artist appearances. And while I can see why the developers chose to do this with 'The Beatles' I couldn't help but feel it lacked a bit of variety and perhaps excluded alot of music game enthusiasts who may not be Beatles fans.

    The whole look of the game is very different to other 'Rock Band' and 'Guitar Hero' titles. This game makes you feel like you have gone back in time and compliments the sountrack very well. The highlights are definitely the dreamscapes which will make you want to stop playing/singing and watch what is going on in the background. The only downfall graphically I found was when playing the bass; the highway has a design which starts off with no problems but as you enter a 'Bass Groove' it places a purple overlay on the highway that seems to make the design swirl and can make watching the notes quite difficult.

    I enjoyed playing the songs and even going back over them again for the 'Chapter Challenges'. Non Beatle fans may even find it a pleasant surprise how many 'Beatles' tracks they know or are familiar. But ultimately if you are going to play through each instrument career you may find yourself losing intrest alot quicker than with previous titles.

    'The Beatles Rock Band' is certainly a must for any Beatles fan and I would recommend it to any music based game lover. However, it does seem to lack the fun-factor of other music games and you may find yourself moving on quite quickly.
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    07 Oct 2009 07 Oct 2009
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    In a Minute Review - The Beatles: Rock Band

    I know every Beatles song by heart, which should come as sufficient warning to you that The Beatles: Rock Band is probably not the right product for me to voice my opinion about.

    Are you gone yet? Good.

    What Harmonix and the Beatles rights holders tried to do here is to introduce The Beatles to a modern audience. It's probably a better idea than Legos: Rock Band, although I doubt that they'll be able to make that game feel any more plasticky than this.

    Not that The Beatles: Rock Band is a bad game. It isn't. It features the exact same repetitive multicolor button punching gameplay that has been done to death in about thirty different ways to Sunday but with an added superlative aesthetic quality which would just scream class if it was fleshed out a bit more.

    I get it that we are supposed to be following the band's career progression but I don't for the life of me understand why it wasn't done a little more creatively. I think more people know that the Beatles went to India during their White Album phase than that the played the Buddakan, yet we get a Buddakan stage and no India. The Beatles made four exceptional films (A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Yellow Submarine, and Let it Be) and one not so great tv movie (Magical Mystery Tour). For the most part these films are neglected. Also completely left out is Yoko Ono. Before those of you who were raised either to be bigots or don't understand your Beatles history, Yoko was John Lennon's main song writing partner from 1967 onward. She either inspired his material or helped him write it. She sang on The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, performed Yer Blues with him on British Television, and was by his side in the studio from the White Album sessions on through the end. One of Lennon's main complaints about the Beatles recording sessions at the end was how mean his band mates were towards her. You'd think that they could at least tip their hat to her influence on John- maybe even features The Ballad of John & Yoko.

    The song selection leads me to believe that they held back many great songs so as to rake in revenue through DLC. That's not a good thing for a release like this- because once you play through the story mode there isn't an enticing enough reason to go back.

    My final problem is the music itself. Outside of Paul McCartney's bouncy bass playing- there really isn't that much of note here when it comes to playing a plastic guitar with five plastic buttons. These are short pop songs comprised mostly of chords that repeat over and over again.

    This type of material may have passed as edgy in 1962- but with the serious amount of shredding songs featured in games like this- The Beatles: Rock Band just seems dull at times.