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    This review, I have to admit, was more fun than playing the game. After putting up with a damaged back and spraining my tendons in my wrists (even though I am a 1st Dan at Karate), I needed to make a review for TBL: UW. Being a very fit person that I am, this game without a doubt has angered me with its dreadful gameplay, broken Kinect functionality and absence of statistics which weight loss programmes kind of NEED!!! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets cut to the chase shall we?

    GAMEPLAY: (1/10) "Broken beyond belief"
    The Biggest Loser is a reality TV show that takes overweight contestants through exercises to compete with each other to win a cash prize, being crowned "The Biggest Loser". In this game though, I guess achievements and losing weight is the prize. lol.

    This game originally came out on the Nintendo Wii using the Wii controller and Wii Fit Board to exercise, which actually did rather well with reviews and sales. This xbox version of the game has clearly been ported from the Wii version, quickly adding in the Kinect feature which replaces the Wii controller, with the addition of barely improving the graphics.

    You are given the choice of doing a 4, 8 or 12 week workout routine, where you attend weekly sessions to do continuous exercise to help you lose weight and keep fit. These include activities like Boxing, Yoga, Circuit Training, etc. Before doing this you have the option of choosing what difficulty / fitness level you wish to workout at. The higher it is, the longer and more intense the workouts will be. As well as doing 4, 8 or 12 week workout routines, you can also play "Challenges" which consists of 5 mini-games designed to work out certain body parts with a burn, against all of the AI contestants in your fitness program. Rounds go through best to three; first round having all players, second having the top half, and third having the top two.

    During the entire game, you are coached by the two trainers, Bob and Jillian, both who look nothing like themselves from the TV show... Bob seems to be the friendly encouraging trainer who boosts your confidence, whilst Jillian is completely harsh and utterly sarcastic, and she expects you to lose 2000 calories a day (which can be damaging to the human body). They will demonstrate the exercises provided and give you feedback on whether you are doing it correctly or not.

    It feels good to get active and makes you want to progress further and earn the achievements along your journey to losing those pounds, that is until you start to discover the glitches and bugs this game hides which prevents you from actually playing correctly, calculating weight loss and winning the achievements, making progression impossible. Menus which are supposed to offer you statistics options vanish potentially giving you no goal what so ever through out your workouts. Thus the game treats you like you don't exist and you gain almost no reward which pits you miles below your rivals (the AI) during the competition.

    If you are relatively fit yourself then what this game throws at you should be easy right? Well... Kinect tracks your entire body shape rather than your limbs, making you fail certain actions when you are actually following the exercises exactly...because of your clothing or angle that your body is being viewed from. However, if you are not fit and do want to use the game to help you to lose weight, then you'd better be prepared to work hard and forget about getting the moves perfect for Kinect and aiming for the achievements, and relying on statistic boards. You will be facing a lot of failures when being instructed by your coaches to exercise.

    With the Kinect making the game terrible enough as it is, navigating the menu is so painful! The game isn't supported with an Xbox 360 controller making your browsing through menu screens seem like the workout of the day!!

    MULTIPLAYER: (1/10) "Worse than net-coding..."
    This game has multiplayer support over Xbox Live where you and players can compete in challenges to earn Fitness Points, or play together through a workout routine.

    With Kinect being the controller. you will awkwardly hear each other talking, complaining and moaning over the game, revealing your privacy. Of course you can disable the voice chat in the prefences of your xbox 360, but you don't ever feel the sense that you are safe with a camera watching you, thinking that everyone can see you.

    Multiplayer runs on hosted games, making the connection for joining players unbearable! The game will always lag badly and even have the destructive power to crash your game! Should you survive any activity together, you will be shown a results screen which reveals to you each other's weight loss and calories burned. But with the game having a tendency to wipe out your scores and menus, you can be seen as a gamer making no effort to exercise.

    Multiplayer is empty, deserted and dusty. NO ONE is playing the game, and this is the eternal fate of it! With the inclusions of Blitz Games closing down being unable to sustain business, I don't even know if the servers are still functional.

    SOUND / MUSIC: (4/10) "Mediocre"
    The in-game music tracks are just reused from the show itself... Nothing special. It can be ok to begin with but can also get over repetitive and drive you mad. You won't remember a single sound file as sound is not the key feature here. Its fitness.

    VOICE ACTING: (3/10) "Cheaply Ripped"
    The hosts trainers both have their clear original voices, yet some dialogue is obviously clipped out from the TV Show TBL which doesn't go unnoticed. Put headphones on and you will hear feedback with their audio files which has been ripped. Very cheap, lazy and rubbish. Its as if the two trainers could only record their voices in a sound booth for 20 minutes before they exceeded their bribery deal.

    GLITCHES: (1/10) "Game-breaking"
    * Kinect doesn't recognise any performance when doing Floor exercises.
    * Xbox Live play when playing a challenge has supreme lag and results in all players losing to the AI.
    * The game's menu systems which are supposed to be active commonly disappear thus stopping you from obtaining many achievements (a.k.a the "Target Weight", "Extra Calories Burnt", "Diet Calories") as well as seeing stats.
    * If you try to go back in time with the Xbox dates and time, your data will go corrupt and you will be forced to delete your data.
    * Half of the exercises you do tend to be unreadable for the Kinect, forcing you to bend in unnatural positions just to get the Kinect to read you.
    * Kinect tracks more than just your body. It also detects objects like sofas, chairs, carpeted floors, etc. thinking that your body is in all places.
    * Your Fitness Score can go corrupt and reset itself for absolutely no reason!
    * When shown as the worst contestant at the end of a weigh-in, if you are in the bottom two, you will never be eliminated and will be replaced with a different AI contender!
    * Loading screens can cause your game to freeze.
    * Ticklist achievement progression is reset if you surpass the next date.
    * Scanning your image through Kinect with the game's "Body Reader" mechanic, you are given psychotic results EVERY time!
    * Possibly the worst offence... Your weight loss goals are N/A! If your menu systems don't work, you will see NO sign of progression! Nothing to keep you motivated or feel good about losing weight.

    ACHIEVEMENTS: (1/10) "Punishing"
    Half of the achievements are horribly glitched due to the menus that ARE suppose to be working, which rarely do. Some of them are just burning calories in-game and doing exercise routines which are pretty good and fun to obtain, until you realise that (if you are truly unlucky) you have been reset and your data has gone corrupt for no reason!

    There are several time consuming achievements which require you to put in 6 months of patience and pain, and you cannot miss a day if you want the achievement. Luckily, you can modify the dates on the dashboard and jump ahead of the calendar and finish your weeks quickly if you wish to cheat (I had to do this because I didn't have the time to attend 6 months of sessions whilst studying at university).

    CONCLUSION / VERDICT: "Its a soul crusher..."
    Blitz Games is known for it's humiliating titles from shows that exist on TV. Rather than enjoying the experience of losing weight, you are being forced to exceed the expected weight loss which most doctors in the United Kingdom would not advise, for your own safety. This is not a fun or safe game to play. This game is a counterpart of the Wii's version, with UNPLAYABLE controls! This is an insult to the show which is certainly great to watch.

    This is by far one of the worst Kinect games available! DON'T EVER PICK UP THIS TITLE!!!

    If you want to workout, choose Your Shape: Fitness Revolution or Zumba.
    If you want to have fun, choose Your Shape: Fitness Revolution or Zumba.
    If you want to buy this game because of the T.V show, just... don't. Simply go for a walk outside...
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    APB PlaysIf you were giving this game a rating purely based on achievements, I agree that it should be a 1 out of 5, but overall as a workout program, I think you're being overly harsh here. I agree that the menus are terrible and that the program does sometimes have issues tracking floor exercises (though usually only on round 3 of a challenge, aggravatingly enough...), but overall it offers moderate to challenging workouts with varied exercises.

    I also have an issue with you saying that this game is unsafe. None of the exercises I have tried are unsound in their form, and the game doesn't actually tell you to lose unrealistic amounts of weight, it merely encourages weight loss.
    Posted by APB Plays on 28 Sep 11 at 19:13
    RIG ProcedureBy far the biggest pile of shit game I have ever played! After 5 minutes of trying to get through those goddamn menus, I just gave up.
    I did a test on a challenge exercise, and replace me with a tall fan turned on. XD I ACTUALLY WON!!!
    Trying to take this seriously as a weight loss game... no. Zumba is indeed better and thrilling.
    Thumbs up from me! :-)
    Posted by RIG Procedure on 10 Sep 12 at 14:41
    redsalesThis is far from the best workout game out there, but I had no issues with the achievements when I followed the advice in the guides. The tracking isn't great, but overall the game isn't horrible either. I totally agree with Runch's comment above.
    Posted by redsales on 01 Dec 13 at 00:07
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    Game is OK; but you would probably be better with Your Shape Fitness.

    A little about the game itself.

    Biggest Loser Challenge looks and feels like you’re watching a workout video. A good point about the game is that it gives you immediate feedback as to how you’re doing via your body representation at the bottom. You have an in game calorie counter that tracks how many calories you are burning over a period of time. At the end of a 20-60 min session you get feedback with total calories, and a grading of how you did against the personal trainer.

    The calorie counting system has made me more aware how much calories (good calories can affect a workout) The program gives you a calander to track both calories consumed and calories burned. I learned quite a bit about diet. For me the problem has always been now that I reflect not consuming enough calories from healthy foods. Consuming minimal calories that drained my energy. In that sense the program has worked for me to balance my calorie input and output.

    At the end of the session you get a rating as to how well you followed the workout. During the workout you get feedback from the trainer telling you how to improve your movements to get the best workout possible. You are awarded achievements by following exercises closely, keeping rhythm and completing 4,8,12 week goals.

    There are tips in the program that tell you how to eat better giving you recommended diet changes to help in your training program. Along with the change in eating habits there a few recipes to try to help give you the calories needed for the workouts.

    The scanner to me seemed glitches as it measured my neck at 178 inches. I experimented with light in the room but nothing seemed to help that aspect of the game. I played at night and had my room well lit. I found the problem to my 178 inch neck. the angle of the kinect was such that it saw my body from a low angle making my neck appear to be non-existent. Also during the body scan I may have moved causing an inaccuracy in the game. If you use the scanner use it only as a supplement to a manual measuring.

    Also when the kinect doesnt scan you properly you may find Jilian scolding you. I found he a bit annoying, especially when the kinect didnt pick up my body movements. im 6 ft so the kinect cant capture all of me much of the time. I have yet to change the kinect location to the top of my TV. This may change the way the innacuracies during the workout. I did like that the workout captures your tempo; however, having Jilian, the female trainer say get it in synch ya wus got really irriating after a bit.

    Biggest loser allows you as well to integrate other workouts in your current training program. It give you options for weight loss, toning. Etc.. Additionaly it gives you life tasks, such as doing housework at an increased tempo, or playing with your children to burn an additional 100 calories during the day.

    For those of us on this site who are a bit weightier than the average Joe and could stand to lose a couple pounds, this is a good way to get started. The view of your body in the right corner gives you a fairly accurate representation of you and points out when you do exercise incorrectly. If you do exercises incorrectly or are to slow or fast the image turns red, green or blue.

    My wife, a non gamer, (blaspheme!!) had a little bit of a hard time getting used to the technology and controller interface. Other than that, it is a good way to keep trace of calories, weight, and general fitness. Not to mention for us addicted to achievements an excellent way to get back into shape.

    Be forewarned the Kinect needs plenty of space to work. The workout program like other workout programs needs ample room in addition to the minimal 6 feet the kinect needs from the TV.

    If possible I would set the kinect on top of the TV to maximize the distance from the Television. Also if the kinect has a surface in front of it, your legs may be cut off from the kinect sensor. Putting the kinect on top of the TV should resolve the problem. This is my problem currently, since the kinect doesnt capture me when im laying on the ground doing situps or hip raises.

    The body scan is inaccurate; it had my neck at 178 inches. I ended up tracking my stats manually for weight height, neck etc and input them as opposed to using the body scanner.

    Im currently working on an ultra-slimming program and find it challenging to do the workouts every day after not doing much but walk between my work parking lot and the building.

    This program is a good educational program to increase knowledge on diet, calorie intake and burning. The downside is the precanned comments from the trainers. Its good coaching at first but gets old after a week. This is a plus and a minus as you get constant feedback from both trainers at once. One encouraging one straight up well how do you put it sarcastic and rude.

    Side note - Its difficult to navigate through the menus due to the speed at which it selects an item; I select an item to read it and it sometimes selects it before I can finish reading it to know what I have selected. Can be difficult to get to the right menu when you just want to get on and work out. facepalm

    As a side note you can chose one trainer over another. I think this is my next step. turn off Jillian.

    For all of you who think the pixels are better on the TV then outside. Good Luck and God Speed.
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    The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout is a fitness game for Kinect based off of NBC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser.

    Before I start, I want to note that I haven’t yet played either Your Shape: Fitness Evolved or EA Sports Active 2, but once I do, I will update this review to compare them and give my thoughts. Now, on to the review:

    To call The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout a game is really a misnomer. This is a fitness tool designed to get you to lose weight, build muscle, and burn calories by simulating the experience of having a personal trainer at home in your own living room. But for the purposes of this review, I’ll go ahead and refer to it as a game. While the game does have some miscellaneous health and fitness tools for you to play around with, it’s really all about working out, so let’s talk about that first.

    When you first start, you have the option of starting a new 4, 8, or 12 week fitness program, or you can simply jump right into free play and start exercising. The game encourages you to start a fitness program, however, and if you do so, you will go through a body analyzer and fitness test to gauge your initial fitness level. Once this is done, the game will craft for you a fitness program tailored to your goals, whether they be burning calories, toning, etc.

    Whether you start a fitness program or go into free play, you always have the option to change your workout options, such as workout difficulty, length, or type. The game has 5 workout intensities: Light, Moderate, Challenging, Hard, and Intense. Depending on your initial fitness level, Light, Moderate, and Challenging may not really test your fitness. Hard is appropriately named however, and Intense is freaking hard, even for someone in very good physical condition.

    You can choose from 3 basic types of fitness routines: Circuit Training, Box Fit, and Yoga. While I am very impressed with the variety of exercises available for the different fitness routines, I am a little disappointed that there are only the three basic types of workouts. I would have liked to see the addition of Pilates and Muscle Building/Resistance Training at least (although a Pilates DLC is available for download). You can also choose to add in additional fitness equipment into your workout, such as a fitball and resistance band. For some reason, though, you can’t add in the use of free weights, which seems like a major oversight.

    So how is the actual workout? Well, I consider myself to be a pretty fit individual, and for me, a 30 minute Circuit Training exercise on Hard difficulty was very tough and got me sweating and breathing hard. Being the Biggest Loser, the focus of the exercises is weight loss rather than building muscle, so there is lots of cardio involved, but to be fair, there are a lot of body resistance exercises mixed into the cardio sets to make your muscles work.

    And how does the body detection work? Well, I would say that it works pretty well almost all of the time. It does a remarkable job on pretty much any exercise done while standing – if the game says you’re doing it wrong, you probably are. It does struggle on some of the floor exercises though. While it picks up movements like leg lifts, pushups, and planks just fine, it kept losing me on plank switches, and it wouldn’t pick my wife up at all on some of the yoga floor poses.

    This would be a good time to mention that the game does require a lot of space – expect to stand a good 8 to 10 feet from your sensor, and you’ll need a nice wide 6 to 8 foot wide space to work out in.

    One thing that is notably lacking from the game is a local co-op exercise mode. This would be really nice to be able to work out with a partner, but given the sheer amount of space needed for one person, I can see why they didn’t implement a local co-op mode. You can play co-op online if you like, however.

    As I said, this game really is all about the workout, but it’s got some other features too. It offers healthy recipes, daily tracking tools for calorie burning and calorie intake, and an overall health calculator. It also includes challenges that you can do in addition to your workouts for increased overall body fitness. Everything is pretty straightforward, but I should mention that the menus are extremely clunky and the sensor has a hard time picking up your hand placement – thank goodness the body tracking in the workouts works way better than the hand tracking in the menus!

    The graphics in this game are acceptable, but not great. There are a few different backgrounds for the workouts, but in general, the game is designed to look like a fitness video. In addition to your trainer, you’ll see an additional person in the background doing the same exercises as you during your workout.

    You can choose either Bob or Jillian (the trainers from the show) to run your workouts. Honestly, the game has a lot of variety in the audio cues and commands the trainers give you, so you won’t get annoyed hearing the same things over and over. Music is purely background fluff, though. It would have been nice to include a feature where you can load music onto your hard drive and use that in game, but no dice. I recommend having a stereo nearby to play your favorite tunes if you plan on doing long or frequent workouts.

    I personally was able to pick up this title for $20, and I think it’s a great value for that price. But…the price you are able to get it for will vary. As long as you like to work out, I recommend a buy price of $30 or less and you should get your money’s worth.

    While the achievements in this game are not as hard as their TA ratios might indicate, they do require large amounts of time, patience, and perseverance, and in some cases, a very high level of physical fitness. Given the way the game tracks fitness programs, the achievements will take a minimum of 24 weeks to legitimately obtain. Completionists beware, ratio hounds rejoice!

    Note: Now that I've played through the game a little more, it looks like several of the achievements are also glitchy. Some may not unlock when supposed to only to unlock at random times later on, and some achievements require access to menu items that only seems to show up for certain users under certain conditions. You are forewarned!

    Final Thoughts:
    Like with any workout program, you’ll get out of The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout what you put into it. It has a wide variety of exercises and intensity levels to choose from, and it will kick your butt if you’re willing to push yourself. Despite a few hiccups, the Kinect tracking works well, and overall, it’s a great workout game. That being said – it’s really all about the workouts, so don’t pick this one up unless you’re in the market for some exercise!