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Xbox 360 Sale Roundup: May 2nd, 2017

Discounts on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Prototype, LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Super Street Fighter IV and more

Posted 8 months ago by Rich Stone, 44 comments

The Bridge Xbox One Release Imminent

Eagle-eyed viewers may have caught a glimpse of a well-received puzzler in the video of our digital summer article. Having sold over 500,000 copies to date since its release on Windows and Xbox 360 b

Posted 2 years ago by Joseph C, 21 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: July 7th, 2015

This week we get a selection of titles available on Deals with Gold as well as the massive Ultimate Game Sale for both Silver and Gold members. Let's tackle the Deals with Gold first, then dive into

Posted 2 years ago by Chewie, 177 comments

The Bridge Coming to Xbox One

In 2013, Majesco helped to bring topsy-turvy puzzler The Bridge to Xbox LIVE and it received mixed reviews across the board. With the Xbox One well into its life cycle, the game's devs have taken the

Posted 2 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 5 comments

Ultimate Games Sale Daily Deals: July 13th

Today's deals bring four more Games on Demand and the usual token XBLA title. Those of you who called Call of Duty: Ghosts in the other thread will not be winning any prizes unfortunately. Xbox 360 G

Posted 4 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 83 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: December 25th, 2013

To paraphrase Slade, 'So here it is Merry Christmas. Everybody's having fun. Look to the present now. The sales have just begun'. Firstly, there's the new daily deal for the Countdown to 2014, which

Posted 5 years ago by Ellis Spice, 131 comments

The Bridge Review

There are three kinds of puzzle games in this world: ones that make you feel smart, ones that make you feel dumb before ultimately making you feel smart, and ones that make you want to smash your con

Posted 5 years ago by Jonathan Barnes, 20 comments

Wednesday XBL Content Roundup: November 13th, 2013

A small semblance of normality has returned. We have a new Xbox LIVE Arcade release in its usual slot on a Wednesday. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no other new Xbox LIVE content today, so if yo

Posted 5 years ago by Rebecca Smith, 21 comments

The Bridge Dated Alongside Topsy Turvy New Screens

The fantastically named indie developers The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild have recently announced that their upcoming Escher-inspired puzzler, The Bridge, will be coming to XBLA on November 13th for

Posted 5 years ago by Chewie, 4 comments

The Bridge Announced for Consoles

What was previously just available for download from Steam, has now been announced for Xbox 360 via the appearance of a new page on the official Xbox website. The Bridge is an intriguing puzzle game

Posted 5 years ago by Marc Hollinshead, 20 comments