The Bridge Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hi and welcome to The Bridge Walkthrough. In order to get the 1000 G in this game you will need to complete each of the eight Chapters of the story (four "basic version" Chapters plus a "Mirrored" version of each one; each Chapter has six levels) and occasionally perform special actions in specific Chapters (such as completing a Chapter without walking, or within a time limit). There is also an achievement for gathering the only form of collectible ("Wisps") of the game (Collector), and a miscellaneous achievement that can be done at any time (Plummeter). There are no missable achievements since you can replay any Chapter at any time after unlocking it.

There isn't much to advise in regards to the achievements of the game: complete the story while trying to get the level-specific achievements and collectibles that might be associated with them, and then mop up any miscellaneous/level-specific achievement you have left.

This, however, is easier said than done. Even though at first the game may seem simple enough, later on the puzzles become quite hard to figure and solve on your own. Therefore in this guide (Story walkthrough page in particular) you will find the solutions to all the 48 levels of the game. The level-specific achievements are also included in the Story walkthrough page (both in the text and in the videos). More info on the Wisps (collectibles) and the achievement Plummeter can also be found in the General hints and tips page.

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